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Nishi Shinsaibashi “New Tonsuke Honpo”

Nishi Shinsaibashi “New Tonsuke Honpo”

You can now easily enjoy the legendary taste of this famous restaurant from Suminoe in Nishi Shinsaibashi!

For today’s lunch I went to  “New Tonsuke Honpo” , a restaurant serving Western style dishes in Nishi Shinsaibashi.
Called  “New Tonsuke”  back at Suminoe Ward, this famous Western style restaurant has been receiving the tremendous support of a large number of fans for many years, and it has just relocated to Nishi Shinsaibashi to reopen under the name of “New Tonsuke Honpo”!
Once you have this restaurant’s demi-glace sauce, you will undoubtedly become addicted to it and come back for it once and again. However, its previous location and its short opening hours made it too difficult for me to go as often as I would have wanted to.
When I had their “Double Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)” and “Double Hamburger” at the Suminoe restaurant in the past, I noticed the overwhelming volume of their dishes, which almost blew me away, as one of its characteristics, and I have found myself unable to forget the taste of their secret formula demi-glace sauce!
Today, I was really excited to go to eat there again after a long time(^^

“Double Tonkatsu” 1600Yen
Previously, their tonkatsu was presented uncut, in one single piece, so one had to use a knife and fork to cut it. This may apply only to the “double” version of it, but the waitress asked me whether I would like for her to cut it, so I said yes and she did it for me.
Look at the full impact of it – a tremendously huge tonkatsu abundantly sitting on a big plate on which a large amount of demi-glace sauce has been poured to the point that it almost overflows!


I also ordered a serving of “Rice (Small)” 150Yen, which comes in a regularly sized plate. I think you can see how huge the tonkatsu is by comparison.


I mixed it well with the consistent demi-glace sauce and…


Wooow, delicious!!
The extremely powerful taste of this demi-glace sauce with its garlicky taste and rich combination of sweetness, sourness and umami is still going strong!
I think that it is rich to the point that people who do not like strong flavors may be daunted by it, but all I can say is that it matches the juicy tonkatsu and the sweet flavor of lard exquisitely!


It is so rich that…

I had to order some draft beer to go with it


This is just matchless (^^


Next, I put it on top of the rice to eat it together with it…


Aaaah, so good!!
Now I cannot stop myself from eating more rice (^^



The price has raised quite a bit, but even so, if you think about it rationally, being able to have such a huge “Double Tonkatsu” for 1600Yen is rather cheap!
The “Double Hamburger” is a little expensive too, but it is also a must-have (^^



The clean and luxurious interior of the restaurant provides an amazing space where one can truly relax and enjoy the meal.
Seeing the head chef and younger chefs moving energetically at the other side of the counter felt so good!
I am really happy that I can now easily enjoy that legendary taste at a conveniently located restaurant that is open throughout the year in Nishi Shinsaibashi!


store New Tonsuke Honpo
tel 06-6213-5815
address 2-7-15, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 2 -minute subway Namba Station No. 26-D walk from Exit
opening hours 11:00~15:00 17:00~22:00
holiday Open everyday
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