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Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pancakes from ninOval cafe

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pancakes from ninOval cafe

I was able to enjoy the most fluffy and syrupy pancakes in Awaza, Osaka!


I visited ninOval cafe, where they have delicious fluffy and syrupy pancakes.


This time I ordered the Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pancakes.  1200Yen


I got excited when I saw it arranged full of fruits and fresh cream.

These elegant fruits coupled with its sugary syrup made it sweet and juicy.


It matched the fluffy pancakes superbly.


When I ate these those things at the same time, I enjoyed it twice as much and savored the change in texture as well as the difference in sweetness.

Because the sweetness of the fresh cream stood out, I personally think that if they toned it down a little and made it sugarless it would of been perfect fruit pancakes.

Aaah, going out of the way to experience its fluffy texture was worth it.


They gave me more than I imaged, so I recommend sharing it if you are going to have it for other than lunch.

I of course loved the fluffy texture, as well as being able to freely enjoy the varieties of sweet tastes this fruit pancake had.


“ninOval cafe” is a pancake café that is worth going out of your way for.


store Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pancakes from ninOval cafe
tel 06-6447-1515
address B1F, Oosakafuritsuenokozimabunkageizyutsusouzousenta-, 2-1-34, Enokojima, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 251m from Awaza Station
opening hours 11:30~18:30
holiday Monday



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