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Osaka Naniwaya’s seasonal limited real kakigōri, ”Angel’s Hip”

Osaka Naniwaya’s seasonal limited real kakigōri, ”Angel’s Hip”

I recommend Osaka Naniwaya's Angel’s Hipto those who like chilled peachy desserts !


Osaka Naniwayaoffers real kakigōri
I know there are a lot of taiyaki fans out there, but this time I will report on the season exclusive kakigōri ”Angel’s Hip”♪


The first thing that catches your eye on the shop front menu is “Real Kakigōri”

Normally kakigōri is about 200 yen but this time I chose the ”Angel’s Hip”(900 Yen).


”Angel’s Hip”in Wakayama Prefecture’s Arakawa’s takes huge cuts of fresh peaches.
The top and bottom are served in abundance, this is some serious kakigōri.


Half the ice is immediately shaved, topped with plenty of a home-made ginger syrup.


Then, fresh peach is turned to juice in a juicer and poured on top of the ice shavings, and voila !


The kakigōri so many of my friends had praised, ”Angel’s Hip”, had appeared before my very eyes !

To a peach enthusiast like myself, these looks certainly made it impossible for me not to get excited.


Peaches’ mellow scent combined with ”Angel’s Hip”’s looks inspire speculation as to what the dish tastes like before ever eating it. It really raises expectations.


First of all I only enjoy fresh peach. Every time you chew the sweet, deep taste is irresistible !

Now, why do these Arakawapeaches taste so good I wonder ?

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s thanks to the hot summer weather that we are able to eat these peaches .


The enjoyment of the ice lingers. The cool crunchy feeling plays well with the peaches’ sweetness.

An elegant shower of refreshing peach spreads throughout the mouth.

I mean, this taste is likely to become very addictive.


Digging through to the bottom reveals some compote-like peach !

This certainly is a delicious kakigōri topping, and usually I get less excited as I continue eating, but this contains peach on the bottom as well.


Not just the taste of spicy ginger syrup is matched exquisitely with the abundance of peachy sweetness, it is transformed into an enchanted kakigōri which stimulates the senses.

At last, the remains of the chilled sweet are drunk quickly like a juice.

Because it contains ginger, my body is prevented from getting chilly, and I get a strange warm and fuzzy feeling.

This delicious kakigōri warmed my body and soul.


If you want to be able to eat delicious kakigōri in Umeda near Osaka, please check out this real kakigōri!


store Osaka Naniwaya
tel 06-6371-1877
address Ten5nakasaki St.syoutengai, 1-9-21, Nakazaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 190m from the subway station Nakazakicho
opening hours 10:00~22:00
holiday Irregular



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