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Osaka Station Crost  ”Araumado”

Osaka Station Crost ”Araumado”

You can enjoy a genuine flavor at an exceptionally easy to use restaurant.

Today’s lunch we went to ”Araumado”  in the first-floor basement of Osaka Station Crost.
This store is easy to enter because, while it is actually in an exceptional location in front of JR Osaka Station, it’s not very well known. (^^
They have a menu organized by soy-sauce, salt, miso, tsukemen and many more various types of ramen plus a diverse side-menu. I ended up ordering Tantan Noodles because I was overwhelmed with choices.

Tantan Noodles 800JPY
The soup has an enticing color, doesn’t it? (^^



First was Arainiku Miso with Soup.


Woooow, it’s soooo good!
The sesame’s aromatic taste and strength, miso’s flavorful deliciousness, and a slightly salty taste are all intertwined for a genuine flavor.

Nakabuto Straight Ramen


Soooo good!
The soup has a full and savory flavor that mixes well with the rest of the dishes.




They have a free condiment bar, too.
You can eat the Kim-chi and fermented bamboo shoots as a topping or plain. I ended up getting seconds. (^^





They have an incredibly varied menu.
I’m especially curious about the omurice on the side menu.


This store located on the first-floor Basement of the Crost business establishment in front of Osaka Station is actually a very little known, but excellent place!
Also, they are always open after lunch time with no holidays so it is very easy-use.
The staff are all very energetic, the female staff member’s service was very heart-felt and it was a very comfortable place!
I can say that there were many lone female customers, too.
When you want to eat a simply delicious ramen, I highly recommend this place!


store Osaka Station Crost  ”Araumado”
tel 06-4799-9056
address 3-1-1 Osaka Station crost B1, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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