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The birth of a new sweet collaboration! Chihiro’s cheese shortcake

The birth of a new sweet collaboration! Chihiro’s cheese shortcake

The birth of a captivating sweet collaboration that allows you to enjoy a cheese cake and a strawberry shortcake at the same time!


I love cheese cakes and strawberry shortcakes! If possible, I would like to have both at once!
Here is my report on “Chihiro’s cheese shortcake,” the cake that managed to give shape to my wishes.


“Chihiro’s cheese shortcake” is a product created in collaboration with “Patisserie Grand fleuve” , a popular sweets shop in Minamihorie, Osaka.


Chef Okawa produced a cake of higher quality both flavor wise and visually than I had imagined after I told him about an idea that I had been thinking about for a while.


First, the strawberry.
The coating brings out the bittersweetness of the strawberry exquisitely.
The quality is so high that it must be really good even in the summer.


Say hello to the trio composed by the sponge cake, whipped cream and cheese when you scoop some up with your spoon♪
The sponge cake elegantly takes to the harmony interwoven by the milky and thick cream, and the bittersweetness of the cheese.
Its aftertaste is so fresh and it melts so lightly in the mouth that it brings about the danger of losing count of how many you have eaten…


It ends freshly with the sour taste of the berry sauce at the bottom.
I never thought shortcake and cheese cake could be such a good match…
I had daydreamed about it a lot, but I am the first one to be surprised to the quality of the actual product.


This is a superb cake that I vehemently insist on recommending to those who, like me, love shortcakes and cheese cakes!


Chihiro’s cheese shortcake 480Yen is currently on sale with great reviews at Grand fleuve.
*Please understand that, depending on the season, the strawberries may be replaced by a different fruit.
Check out the ultimate sweet that kills two birds with one stone!


store Patisserie Grand fleuve
tel 06-6585-7093
address 1-16-3, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 5 minutes walk from Yotsubashi Subway Station
opening hours 11:00~21:00
holiday Wednesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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