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Popcorn specialty store ” Butter POPCORN “

Popcorn specialty store ” Butter POPCORN “

If you want to get delicious popcorn in Osaka, I recommend the popcorn specialty store " Butter POPCORN ", opened at Kitashinchi


“There’s a popcorn specialty store at Kitashinchi!”, an acquaintance told me, and I immediately went for a visit.


The inside of the store used white as a basis and has a stylish interior.

Inside the showcases, colorful popcorn decorates the store all the way in like jewels.


There was a rich, diverse line-up only expected at a popcorn specialty store.

Using a high-grade butter and air popping, you can enjoy a particular taste of popcorn.


By the way, they have the following 12 flavors.

・ Mango caramel and dry mango
・ Royal, rich raspberry milk
・ Bitter caramel & cashew nuts
・ Buttered rum caramel and green raisins popcorn
・ Salty caramel & macadamia nuts
・ Dry tomato & basil & olive oil
・ Earl grey caramel royal milk tea popcorn
・ Maple caramel crisp
・ Quattro formaggi & black pepper
・ Golden butter
・ Andes pink salt
・ Truffle fromage

No matter what name you look at before even eating, even from just imagining your mouth starts watering…


Not just the flavor, you can also pick the size, so it’s a happy point that you can get some for yourself, or as a gift.

From among those, I tried the following 3 flavors this time.


Buttered rum caramel and green raisins popcorn.


Dry tomato & basil & olive oil.


Salty caramel & macadamia nuts.


They were all delicious, but I especially recommend the caramel flavored popcorn.

The popcorn, mixed generously with a rich caramel, has an addictive flavor.

You get trapped in a sensation where you can’t stop, your hand reaching for the next popcorn as you’re chewing.

I thought it was strange that popcorn was a craze in Tokyo, but I felt that, it would become a craze if there were these flavors and it was this delicious.


“ Holiday Popcorn “, that was introduced on the television the other day, is also like that, but I have the feeling that in Osaka, too, popcorn specialty stores will be created one after the other, and it will become more sensational from now on.


Maybe petit celebs adults will spend their weekends watching a movie at home, popcorn in one hand.

I recommend it for yourself or as a gift! Definitely go check it out!


store Butter POPCORN
tel 06-4797-6216
address 1-1-49, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 3-minute walk from JR Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday



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