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Hawaiian café ”Royal Hawaiian” opens in Shinsaibashi!

Hawaiian café ”Royal Hawaiian” opens in Shinsaibashi!

Authentic, Hawaiian-style café "Resort Kitchen Royal Hawaiian" opens in Shinsaibashi!

With the opening of Eggs’n Things’ Shinsaibashi Store last year, Hawaiian cafés have taken root in Shinsaibashi (America-mura).


Near Eggs’n Things, Resort Kitchen Royal Hawaiian has opened in front of Shinsaibashi BIGSTEP.


The store is right in front of Starbucks Shinsaibashi BIGSTEP.


Royal Hawaiian is in this cute, pink building.
The café has three floors. Each floor offers a different type of dining, so let’s see each one starting with the first floor.


The first floor is like a bar where you can casually eat and drink.
You can also sit at the counter, convenient for a quick drink.


The spacious second floor is where you can dine leisurely.


At the rear are tables on the cute, pink terrace (smoking allowed).
Since there is adequate space between the tables, it is flexible for different things like a girls’ get-together or bringing a date here.


The third floor is the VIP room requiring reservations.

The terrace is where you can have a barbeque.


A high-end barbeque grill is provided.


Foot bath!?
Amazing that they even have a small pool.
In the evening, play a batsu game (penalty game). In summer, I want to splash my feet around.


Since there’s no terrace in the middle of the city for a barbeque, the terrace is really great.


There’s even a karaoke space with a sofa where you can sing and enjoy Hawaiian food.
Since you can negotiate the pricing, you can hold girls’ get-togethers, college drinking parties, etc.
I sure would like to hold an event here.
But what kind of food and drink do they have in such a fancy space?


I’ll show only a sample here.


First we have the drink menu.
They have a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. I can recommend a smoothie.


Happy that Royal Hawaiian has many smoothies. There are seven flavors:
・Green Smoothie (Japanese mustard spinach, apple, and mango)
・Red Smoothie (paprika, carrot, and tomato)
・Bright yellow Smoothie (mango, avocado and soy milk)
・Purple Smoothie (kiwifruit, blueberries, and raspberries)
・Yellow Smoothie (lemon and orange)
・White Smoothie (banana and soy milk)
・Black Smoothie (sesame, banana, and honey)
The menu even tells you what each smoothie is good for. For example, it can be good to cure fatigue or increase your immunity. It’s great that you can choose the smoothie to match your health or physical condition.


Next is the food menu.
I had the buffalo wings recommended by the café’s menu.


You can choose the spiciness and also pour some cheese sauce for a smooth taste. Chicken lovers will like eating it according to their tastes.


The roast beef’s umami (savory taste) is concentrated and it goes well with a drink.


Lastly, we finally have sweet things.
I tried the following four kinds of pancakes.


・Berry Berry Pancake with lots of berries and a sweet-sour flavor. (¥1,080)


・Smells like Hawai’i!? Macadamia Nut Cake flooded with macadamia nut sauce. (¥980)


・Royha Pancake with lots of fruits. (¥1,480)

・Dessert for men!? Tiramisu Pancake. (¥1,180)
It’s a sticky pancake decorated with bright-colored Western confections in a Hawaiian style.
Of course, the berry pancake and fruit pancake are delicious, but personally I was amazed by the nutty flavor of the macadamia nut sauce and the bitter taste of the Tiramisu Pancake.
Hawaiian things usually have an image of being sweet, but Royal Hawaiian pancakes are only mildly sweet so you can easily taste the umami savory flavor.
Ohhh yummy!!!!



Next time, I want to try the Beef Lunch Plate. (¥1,300)


Hmm, Eggs Benedict is also something to think about.


At the end of my visit, posed for a photo in the motorboat at the restaurant’s entrance. Anybody can sit in the boat for a photo!


store Royal Hawaiian
tel 06-6211-1296
address 2-10-30, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport Shinsaibashi Station No. 7 3-minute walk from Exit (Shinsaibashi BIGSTEP opposite)
opening hours 11:00~24:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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