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No.1 in Japan's 20th Pizza Championship! Stone-oven-baked pizza

Located on the first floor of the Restaurant Avenue in the south building of ” Namba CITY”shopping mall directly connected to Nankai Namba Station, Sant-Angelo is a long-established Italian restaurant serving customers for 33 years.
The sound of Italian fills the air in the spacious layout of the restaurant, and the fun and casual atmosphere will fill you with a sense of anticipation.
The restaurant’s specialty is the genuine Roman pizza baked in a large stone oven.
The crust, baked crispy to the edge, brings out the delicious flavor of the toppings.

I made a reservation for the special course which consists of pizza and a range of other superb dishes including a gorgeous assortment of appetizers, pasta, Parmesan cheese risotto, and Dolce dessert.
I was more than satisfied with the rich variety of dishes!!!
The staff is incredibly attentive and provides delight to customers with surprise birthday performances, pizzas sliced according to the number of people at the table, and other thoughtful services♪
★ Special Course 4,000 yen

【Cold Appetizers】
・Vegetables with 14-month aged Parma ham
・Italian omelet with Sakura shrimp
・Spicy Neapolitan Akasen (beef abomasum) stew
・Oshima tomato salad
・Crunchy roasted bamboo shoots

【Warm Appetizers】
・Platter with whole-roasted suckling pig Porchetta and oregano-flavored Pizza Bianca
Eat the unglazed pizza topped with the the restaurant’s special Porchetta
The exquisite salty flavor goes well with beer.

【Stone-oven-baked Pizza】
・Carciofi pizza with crunchy Italian artichokes
The pizza, topped with generous slices of artichokes, is very satisfying!
The crunchy and creamy texture will have you begging for more.

・Margherita Special, the queen of pizzas with buffalo mozzarella
A mouthful of the Margherita pizza with the deliciously tangy and refreshing flavor of tomatoes will fill you with feelings of happiness.

・Challandais Duck Red Wine Pizza was the winner of the 2013 Italian Pizza Championship
This pizza topped generously with French Challandais Duck is the main course.

・Dynamite! Linguine Pescatore in Neapolitan fisherman-style tomato sauce replete with seafood
This dish of my favorite linguine pasta served in tomato sauce filled with mussels and other seafood is positively delectable!

・Spaghetti cacio e pepe with Pecorino cheese and black pepper
The server tops the spaghetti with a super generous layer of cheese!
It’s a perfect dish to have when you’re in the mood to spoil yourself with cheese ♪

・A Parmesan cheese risotto filled abundantly with spring vegetables
The cheese risotto, with finishing touches done at the table, gives off a scent that stands out above the rest.

・Spaghetti with clams steamed with white wine
Hats off to this clam pasta dish which remains light and tasty even after a large serving.

・Strawberries with homemade gelato covered in balsamic sauce
This Sant-Angelo Dolce dessert is served with a generous helping of strawberries.

・Strawberry and lavender tea
Alcyon Bleu, also a restaurant name, is a fragrant tea with a relaxing, delicious flavor♪

On a different day, I dropped by for lunch after I finished my shopping.
I was thrilled that the choice of pizza and pasta were both offered as part of the value lunch for parties of two or more♪
The stone-oven-baked pizza was amazing!!
The crust is absolutely delicious you’ll want to ask for seconds ♡

■ Pair lunch 1,350 yen per person (incl. tax)
◆Fresh vegetable salad
◆Select one of three spaghetti dishes of the day!
*The Spaghetti with Seafood Tomato Sauce is an additional 150 yen per person
◆Select one pizza of your choice from below!
・”Margherita,” queen of pizzas
・”Asparagi” pizza with bacon and asparagus
・”Fiori” pizza with vegetables and soft boiled egg
・”Pescatore” pizza abundantly topped with seafood (+150 yen per person)
◆Italian gelato
◆After-meal drink







store Sant-AnGelo
tel 06-6644-2855
address Minamikan1F, NanbaCITY, 5-1-60, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 233m from Nankai Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 17:30~22:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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