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Shinsaibashi Charcoal-Grilled Gyutan“Yoshiji Unagidani Store”

Shinsaibashi Charcoal-Grilled Gyutan“Yoshiji Unagidani Store”

A restaurant that specializes in authentic gyutan, offering the finest aged gyutan!

“Gyutan plate”(¥1,470)
Gorgeous thick-cut Gyutan!



With pickled vegetables


Wooooow, tasty!!
The juices of the aged gyutan have a flawless umami taste!
The gyutan is too perfect!

Draft beer




“Potato salad”(¥525)


Gyutan adds a delicious accent!!

“Cold Tofu with Yamagata Dashi”(¥525)


The strong flavors of the sticky dashi go very well with tofu!


“Gyutan Stew”(¥630)
A very fulfilling portion of gyutan stew




Wooooow, delicious!!
The deep umami flavor and overall richness is too good!
I liked it so much that I wanted to eat it all for myself.(^^


“Gyutan Tail Plate”(¥735)


The smell of the charcoal aroma is tantalizing and delicious!!


“Gyutan Tsukune”(¥630)
Mix it well with egg…


The chewy texture is outstanding!


Local sake



“Gyutan Sausages”(¥735)


Their tenderness and the marvelous sound they make when you bite them and their rich umami flavor and salt seasoning make them unbelievably delicious!


I didn’t know that such a delicious and authentic gyutan restaurant exists!
Since I like this restaurant so much, I want to return and take my time to enjoy eating here, making it the first restaurant I visit in my restaurant hopping tour.


store Yoshiji Unagidani Store
tel 06-6244-8002
address 1-9-12, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 174m from Nagahoribashi Station
opening hours 18:00-2:00
holiday year end and new year
Original(Written in Japanese)



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