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SOHOLM CAFE Limited-time-only Pancakes in Grand Front Osaka

SOHOLM CAFE Limited-time-only Pancakes in Grand Front Osaka

If you want yummy pancakes in Grand Front Osaka
I recommend SOHOLM CAFE's limited-time-only pancakes!


If you’re looking for yummy pancakes in Umeda Osaka, I want to recommend SOHOLM CAFE in Grand Front Osaka.


The store is on the first floor of Grand Front Osaka North Building. It’s located across INTERCONTINENTAL OSAKA.


The first thing you notice when you enter the store is the sundries space.
There’s a delightful lineup of products such as fancy dishes and groceries that allow you to enjoy a cafe-like atmosphere at your home.


The “SO” in SOHOLM means “lake” in Danish, “HOLM” means “small town”.
Like the name of the cafe (a small town by the lake) implies, you can enjoy a lake-like scenery from the seats on the terrace.


The open feel and fancy interior of the cafe is wonderful.
This is perfect for times when you want to have a leisurely talk at a date or a girls’ party.


The dessert I chose at this fancy cafe was the Sweet Potato Pancakes (1080 yen).


With an additional 300 yen I got a drink set and had hot coffee.
For the drink set, you can choose from the following drinks: coffee, tea, orange juice, grape fruit juice, ginger ale, and cola.


While I was sipping my coffee looking at the scenery outside, the pancakes arrived!
Topping the 4 layers of pancakes were a generous portion of sweet potato cream and 2 sweet potato chips.


Makes you drool just looking at it…
It looks so pretty that I feel nervous cutting into it.
But here I go!


The pancakes are super chewy.
It matches extremely well with the rich sweet potato cream’s sweetness.
The soy milk custard and whipped cream add a mildness to the sweet potato flavor and you can savor the deep flavor of autumn.
It’s so yummy!!!!


The pancakes were a wonderful balance between the 2 types of cream, pancakes and sauce.


Next time, I want to order the standard menu’s pancake (waffle) with a free pick on the sauce, fruits and toppings.


I had the pancakes this time, but SOHOLM CAFE also offers many menus other than desserts, such as lunch menus and dinner menus with alcohol.
The pancakes were delicious so I’d like to visit the cafe for lunch and dinner too.
・If you’re looking for a fancy cafe in Umeda
・If you’re looking for a place to have a girls’ party around Umeda
・If you want some delicious pancakes in Umeda
SOHOLM CAFE in Grand Front Osaka is for you.


tel 06-6359-2737
address Grand Front Osaka North Building 1F 3-1, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 436m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 10:00~22:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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