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Namba Diner & Izakaya (Japanese style bar) “Tatsutaya”

Namba Diner & Izakaya (Japanese style bar) “Tatsutaya”

This is a famous diner where guests can enjoy parties be it from the morning or noon!

For today’s lunch I went to “Diner & Izakaya Tatsutaya,” in Namba.
As long as it is within their business hours, you can use this place both as a diner or as a bar anytime!
Today, I went there for a feast beginning at noon!

“Funamori” (Boat-wrap sushi)
This is a really splendid funamori!
They prepare it according to the number of people in your party and your budget!


The outstandingly fresh sashimi, just brought in from the market, is just as delicious as one might expect (^^
The “akisanma” (saury,) my favorite, is especially tasty!



“Toro sa-mon zukuri” (Toro salmon sashimi) (680 yen)
The pieces of this salmon are huge and very thick!!


It has a lot of fat and it just melts in the mouth!



“Dashimaki” (Rolled Omelette) (300 yen)
Big and piping hot, this is a freshly made “Dashimaki Tamago”!


Fluffy and moist, it has a strong “dashi” (soup stock made from fish and kelp) flavor, which makes it so yummy!



“Buta Asupara Maki Furai” (Fried Asparagus Wrapped in Pork Slices) (800 yen)


The coating is crunchy, and the bacon and the asparagus match wonderfully – delicious!


“Tajima Jidori no Tataki” (Lightly roasted Tajima Chicken) (800 yen)
I had it with onion and dipped it in ponzu…


The more you bite, the more the flavor of the highly resilient chicken oozes out!



“Ken-ika no Geso no Tempura” (Tempura of Sword Squid Tentacles)

The squid is so tender


“Tori no Karaage” (Deep Fried Chicken) (600 yen)

Tender and juicy



“Tajima Jidori no Shioyaki” (Tajima Chicken Broiled with Salt) (800 yen)


The sweet meat juices oozing out of the resilient meat mix with the salt for an extremely tasty result!



“Goya Champuru” (700 yen)

The bitterness of the goya (bitter gourd) is superb



“Maguro Yukke” (Raw Tuna and Egg Mixed Together with a Spicy Sauce) (600 yen)
I mixed it with the egg before eating it


The combination of the sauce, the egg and the tuna is just perfect!



“Natsu Yasai no Tempura” (Tempura of Summer Vegetables) (500 yen)

The coating is light and extremely delicious!


“Nama rebaa fuu konyaku” (Raw liver-flavored konjak) (400 yen)

It tastes as if you are really eating raw liver






Their astounding variety of a-la-carte dishes is amazingly reasonably priced.
And of course, their diner meals are also very cheap!



Their 4th floor does look very much like a diner, but their 2nd floor is a much more relaxed and calm space.
This is a restaurant to be really grateful for, since you can use it as a bar anytime, whether it is the morning or noon!
They also have seats on the 3rd floor, where they can hold banquets for large parties – I will be sure to visit them again with time to enjoy it!


store Tatsutaya
tel 06-6632-4788
address 11-24, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 249m from Namba Station
opening hours 9:00~1:30
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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