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” greenpapayacafe Chayamachi ” Asian cafe

” greenpapayacafe Chayamachi ” Asian cafe

" greenpapayacafe Chayamachi " Asian cafe that just opened in the Umeda district of Osaka is highly recommended as a place to get together with the girls


The birth of a great new date spot in the Umeda district of Osaka!

I just had to go check out the incredibly stylish and newly opened ” green papaya cafe Chayamachi ” Asian cafe.


The cafe is located on the second floor of the equally popular ” CAFE HOLIDAY Chayamachi ” Hawaiian cafe.


I wonder what awaits me at the top of the stairs.

Just stepping into the lovely entrance way filled me with excitement and anticipation.


I was amazed by the delightful decor that made me wonder, “Am I in Osaka!?”


The place is filled with a diverse and chic arrangement of space that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into the lounge of a luxury hotel.


A spacious table by the window.


Enjoy a mature adult setting at this bar counter.


A gorgeous dining area that will make you feel like a queen.


A stylish dining area that can also accommodate large groups for your get together with the girls.


Featuring a relaxing space with a white interior design and adorable decorations, women will surely fall in love with the opulent and lovely decor.


What surprised me most was not the decor but the healthy and incredibly delicious food served at the cafe.

With focus on dishes containing green papaya as the name green papaya cafe suggests, the cafe serves healthy Asian cuisine including Jasmine rice; dishes containing an abundance of Asian herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric and red pepper; fresh coriander; and coconut milk.

Let me introduce the items I chose from the menu in the order I was served.


Kiwi Mojito (680 yen)


Green papaya and Japanese radish salad – Som Tam Salad – (780 yen).


Crunchy fried wrapped angel shrimp – Chili tomato and cheese with two types of sauce – (1280 yen).


Massaman curry with chicken and lots of vegetables (980 yen).


Mi goreng topped with minced onion and raw tuna – Indonesian salt fried noodles – (980 yen).


Mango Lassi (580 yen)


Salad rolls with marinaded tuna and green papaya avocado (780 yen).


Soup dumpling with four specially-made exotic sauces (6 for 720 yen) (10 for 1,200 yen).

The uncharacteristically gentle and mild flavor of each and every dish is absolutely delicious.

And it’s time for the much-awaited desserts.





I’ll introduce the desserts in more detail in my next article but let me just say that the refined techniques of Butterpancake house and the Asian ingredients are brought together in delicious harmony.

This new Asian cafe is off the charts! It’s truly amazing!

If I were a girl…this is where I’d want to have my get together with the girls!

As with Hawaiian Cafe HOLIDAY, I can’t recommend this cafe enough for the next time you’re planning a get together with the girls in Umeda Osaka!


store The " greenpapayacafe Chayamachi " Asian cafe
tel 06-6136-7483
address 4-6takemura Bld., Chayamachi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 3-minute walk from the station Hankyuuumeda
opening hours 11:30~23:00
holiday Open everyday



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