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An Italian Restaurant with Delicious Desserts and Great Cost Performance: “Trattoria Pappa”

An Italian Restaurant with Delicious Desserts and Great Cost Performance: “Trattoria Pappa”

Trattoria Pappa is recommended as a Italian restaurant with delicious desserts and great cost performance near Hommachi Station!


I visited “Trattoria Pappa” in Hommachi, Osaka.
This restaurant offers delicious Italian food at a great value.


I went during lunchtime on a holiday. The lunch menu is listed below. It’s great that they start at 1000Yen.

●Pranzo A (1000Yen)
Chef’s Choice of the Day Appetizer and Spaghetti (Choice Between Two Options)

●Pranzo B (1600Yen)
Pranzo A Combined with a Homemade Dolce Set and a Drink

●Pranzo C (3500Yen)
•Business Lunch (5500Yen)

This time, I chose Pranzo B (1600Yen).


To start, I had the Chef’s Choice of the Day Appetizer.
This salad plate had a good combination of the different savory flavors of ham and salami, the taste of baby sardines, and the refreshing dressing.


As I was eating the appetizer, they brought out some baguette. It’s warm so you’ll get the full fragrance of wheat.


I then moved on to the main dish of spaghetti. Ordinarily you choose one kind from two choices, but the chef suggested that I have half of each kind.
This pasta is served in a soup with fish flavor locked inside oil. It was full of fish fragrance. Additionally, there are spices such as cumin in there, so there was a refreshing highlight as well.


The second spaghetti was made with pork and tomato sauce.
The flavor of the ground pork was a perfect match for the rich tomato fragrance.
It exquisitely combined the taste of meat spaghetti with an added richness.


I was satisfied already, but “Trattoria Pappa” has great desserts as well!


This time, I had a plate with panna cotta, pumpkin ice cream, and Italian cake.
•The quality panna cotta had a creamy texture with a vanilla fragrance.
•The ice cream lets you really enjoy the sweetness of pumpkin.
•The Italian cake had a wonderful balance between an interesting liquor soaked into the cake and fruits.
So good!!
This plate showed superb Italian cooking techniques and combinations.


Finally, enjoy some relaxation with a hot coffee.
It’s Italian, so its punchy bitterness really stood out.
This lunch can be had for just 1600Yen! The cost performance is simply amazing!


“Trattoria Pappa” in Hommachi, Osaka is recommended if you are:
•Looking for a delicious lunch in Hommachi.
•Looking for a delicious Italian lunch in Osaka.
•Wanting to fill up on Italian food at a reasonable price.


store Trattoria Pappa
tel 06-6536-4188
address 2-3-9, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 264m from Nishiōhashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:00 17:30~21:00(L.O)
holiday Sunday ,Third Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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