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Tsuruhashi “Turuhashi Horumon Honpo”

Tsuruhashi “Turuhashi Horumon Honpo”

Enjoy a voluminous horumon (offal) lunch at an incredibly good price in a fashionable space!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Turuhashi Horumon Honpo”, a restaurant specializing in grilled meat and horumon (offal.)
This is a sister store with “Gyuichi,” the “Kobegyu (Kobe beef) lunch” restaurant where I ate at the other day, which left me very impressed. I heard that this one had a very reasonably priced horumon lunch, so I went to try it!
“Horumon set meal” (990 yen)
This set meal includes an assortment of 4 or 5 different types of offal that changes daily and amounts to a total of 250 grams, namul, kimchi, soup, salad and all-you-can-eat rice – a tremendously voluminous lunch for just 990 yen!


250 grams of offal – this is truly a lot of meat!


You grill them on the mesh…


And dip them in the sauce to eat them…


Oh wow… this is just delicious!!
The horumon, deeply soaked in the momidare sauce, is amazingly sweet, and the tsukedare sauce has a rather refreshing taste that makes it light so one can keep eating non-stop!



Adding yangnyeom and grated garlic to the tsukedare makes its flavor become thicker and richer!
I kept grilling more and more meat…


Then I mixed it with the sauce and placed it on top of the rice to eat it as a “horumon-don,” or bowl of rice with offal…


Ah, so good!!!
The offal matches the rice perfectly – this just brought me to a state in which I couldn’t stop myself from eating; it just wouldn’t stop!




Their lunch menu includes not only their “Horumon set meal,” but also a “Kuroge wagyu (Japanese black beef) A5 lean meat set meal,” “Samgyeopsal (sliced pork belly cooked on a tabletop grill,)” Korean style cold noodles, bibimpa, and many others, all of them at a surprisingly low price!
Moreover, their lunch menu is available until 5 pm!
This is something to be grateful about!
Their regular menu is also astoundingly cheap, with one serving of horumon starting at 333 yen, and draft beer available at just 290 yen!





They have just refurbished and renewed the restaurant, so their counter seats on the first floor, their table seats on the second floor and their zashiki seats (Japanese style tatami room) on the 3rd floor are all very nice-looking. It is such a fashionable space that even women would not mind coming in by themselves!
I highly recommend this restaurant if you would like to eat delicious horumon until you are full at Tsuruhashi, the best place for grilled meat!


store Turuhashi Horumon Honpo
tel 050-5868-5991
address 5-20, Shimoajiharacho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 84m from Tsuruhashi Station
opening hours 11:30~22:30(L.O.22:00)
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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