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Takoyaki: it’s delicious hot or cold! Tenjinbashi Suji District Five’s “Umaiya”

Takoyaki: it’s delicious hot or cold! Tenjinbashi Suji District Five’s “Umaiya”

It's the tastiest takoyaki in Osaka, specially chosen by M-Saburo

For today’s lunch I went to “Umaiya”, a takoyaki restaurant in Tengo Nagasaki Shopping District.

In my opinion it’s the best takoyaki in Osaka!

Today I had it for lunch. (^^
There were five or six customers queuing outside the shop so I waited for a while after ordering, but when there are lots of people lining up you can eat freshly made, piping hot takoyaki, so I like it better that way.
12 for 480yen

Firstly I’ll eat it without adding anything.


It’s delicious no matter how many times I eat it!


Of course, you can’t eat takoyaki without drinking some cooold beer with it!
I’m so happy that I can do this for my lunch on my day off (^^




Next, I’ll try it with some fruity sauce.





Of course the takoyaki here is delicious when it’s hot, but also tasty when cold!
You can savor the deliciousness of the flavors which are so different to that of the hot takoyaki that you’ll wonder whether it’s the same takoyaki!

As there are people who think that cold takoyaki is tastier, I brought some home as a takeaway in order to experience it. (^^

There are those of the opinion that a special flavor seeps through into the takoyaki from the wooden plates, but ones that are cold and squidgy are also delicious!

Also, even if the takoyaki are cold, they still go well with beer (^^




When I went there, there was no-one eating inside the restaurant, but in no time at all the seats were filled.


store Umaiya
tel 06-6373-2929
address 4-21, Naniwacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 246m from Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Station
opening hours 11:30~19:00
holiday Thursday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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