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Chocolate Parfaits with Your Choice of Ice Cream at W.Bolero in Hommachi, Osaka

Chocolate Parfaits with Your Choice of Ice Cream at W.Bolero in Hommachi, Osaka

I recommend W.Bolero in Hommachi, Osaka if you are looking for a delicious chocolate parfait in Osaka!


The Hommachi, Osaka location of W.Bolero is a patisserie that has been hugely popular since its opening in September 2013, in part due to its great sweets that come from the main location in Shiga Prefecture.


There were many cakes in the showcase, but this time my target was the summer exclusive parfait.


My friend had told me that parfaits from Bolero are fun because you can choose different combinations, but I was blown away by the sheer number of combinations.

After agonizing over the decision, I chose the combination of Glace Chocolat Amer with Sorbet (Fruits Rouges).

The parfait has two kinds of ice cream sandwiched by two macarons, and is dressed with nuts and chocolate.

I had the nutty chocolate first.
Chewing the crunchy nuts unleashed their fragrance.
It was a great match with the bitter chocolate.

The macarons that become slightly soft together with the ice cream are good by themselves, but their fragrance increases together with ice cream, letting you enjoy a taste with depth.

Lastly I had the ice cream, the crucial ingredient.
The smooth ice cream was full of the rich fragrance of its ingredients.
The ice cream, macarons, chocolate, and nuts are good by themselves, but combining them gives a depth of flavor. The parfait is able to stand on its own because all its parts are delicious!
This delicious parfait made me appreciate the skill that Bolero shows in its sweets.

At the Hommachi, Osaka location of W.Bolero, parfaits are limited to the summer, but cakes, chocolates, and macarons abound. The fact that they can offer all this at only ¥700 (plus tax) is amazing.


store W.Bolero
tel 06-6228-5336
address 4-7-4, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 5 minutes walk from Hommachi Station
opening hours 10:00~20:00(L.O.19:00)
holiday saturday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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