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I enjoyed some delicious chocolate on the 5th anniversary of “Patisserie Ravi,e relier”!

I enjoyed some delicious chocolate on the 5th anniversary of “Patisserie Ravi,e relier”!

If you are looking for a delicious chocolate cake in Osaka, I recommend “Patisserie Ravi,e relier”!



I visited “Patisserie Ravi,e relier”, which celebrated its 5th anniversary on November 24th, 2014.
“Patisserie Ravi,e relier” is always at the top of the Osaka sweets ranking on Tabelog (number 1 on November 25th, 2014,) to the point that it could be said that it is a representative patisserie of Osaka sweets.


The shop is decorated with many flower bouquets, the number of which gives one an idea of the popularity of the chef, Mr. Hattori.


I went a little before 7 pm, so all the 5th anniversary commemorative cakes were sold out.
There was not that much left of their other regular products either.


Among those, I chose their Chocolat caramel sale (on the left) and their Foret Noire (on the right.)


Chocolat caramel sale (480 yen) is a cake full of memories for me. The first time I had it, the rich flavor of the chocolate impacted me deeply. This is such a special cake that I became addicted to chocolate cakes afterwards.


It felt as if the caramel had become more fragrant than when I had it before, but this is still a chocolate cake with an exquisite balance between the chocolate, the caramel, and its “salé” (salty) accent.


Foret Noire (500 yen) is a cake with cherries whose name means “black forest” in French.
This was the first time I had this cake at
“Patisserie Ravi,e relier” .


This is a cake for adults in which mellow chocolate mousse and melty cream gently wrap griotte cherries abundantly soaked in wine and spirits.
Both of them are completely delicious!!!!
The sharp flavors characteristic of “Patisserie Ravi,e relier” stand out in both of these delicious sweets.


I received a 2015 calendar drawn by the staff to commemorate the shop’s 5th anniversary, which added to a very satisfying experience.


“Patisserie Ravi,e relier” is continuously evolving!
I recommend “Patisserie Ravi,e relier” to:
– those who like French sweets
– those who are looking for delicious chocolate cakes
– those who feel a cake must be richly flavored to satisfy them


store Patisserie Ravi,e relier
tel 06-6313-3688
address 5-13, Yamazakicho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 249m from Nakazakichō Station
opening hours 11:00~20:00 (Open until supplies last)
holiday Tuesday,Wednesday and Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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