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Worth going if you like chicken! Umeda’s hidden-away spot, “Tokugawa Bettei” .

Worth going if you like chicken! Umeda’s hidden-away spot, “Tokugawa Bettei” .

At Umeda's hidden-away “Tokugawa Bettei” , you can enjoy delicious chicken sukiyaki and caramel custard!


Do you know “Tokugawa Bettei” , a hidden-away spot where you can enjoy delicious chicken and egg dishes – including caramel custard – and is walking distance from Umeda!?


“Tokugawa Bettei” .
A friend told me that this is a restaurant where you can eat delicious chicken dishes in private rooms, but I was surprised at just how hidden away it is.


The restaurant is located off a shopping-type street and it is difficult to notice at first glance.


I put the address into Google Maps to get here, but I didn’t think that it would be like this…
There’s a big possibility of getting lost, so I recommend leaving early to get here. LOL.


Really exciting to go through such a beautifully lit path to the restaurant entrance.


The anticipation was high for the restaurant’s interior and food.


In this renovated, stand-alone building, the restaurant has all private rooms on both the first and second floors.


We were shown to a table on the second floor.


We had the fresh Omi Shamo chicken course (¥5,800 per person), which we reserved ahead of time.


In addition to beer, wine, and soft drinks, there is also a good selection of shochu and sake.


I started with a small glass of draft beer.
The glass was nice and cold, and the amount of head was perfect.


Expectations for the food became heightened.
The first course was the appetizer.


I opened the lid and was shocked at what I saw.
Dry ice!? Fog rose as if a performer were coming on stage.


It gradually thinned out after a little while.


There were nine items for this day’s appetizer.


Out of the fog came out an assortment of chicken sashimi.
The chicken, butchered that morning, had a wonderful consistency and strong flavor.
The incredibly fresh, delicious flavor was also great with alcohol.


The third course was a seasonal dish.
It was a lettuce-wrapped shrimp dumpling with Japanese-style sauce.


The tasty sauce had flavor that really sunk in.
The lettuce had a pleasant crispness, and the juicy shrimp had umami (pleasant savory taste).
This was an exquisite dish that had me wanting more.


The fourth dish was salted, stone-grilled chicken.
Since it was cooked on the stone, the taste of salt was exquisite.


The fifth dish was the main dish, the nabe (hot pot).
There was a choice of either miso chicken or chicken sukiyaki, and I chose the sukiyaki.


The staff carefully prepares it for you.


It’s done cooking after letting it stew for five minutes.
Since the chicken is so fresh, it is more appetizing to have it a little on the raw side.


The egg is very important in sukiyaki.


I beat the egg and dipped the chicken.


The amazing springiness of the chicken could be felt the moment I bit into it.
The umami of the chicken was even more prominent mixed in with the egg.
Sooo~ delicious!!!!!!!!


The two types had different consistencies and flavors, so it was never boring to the very end. In fact, it was so good that I wanted more.


Zosui (rice porridge) to tie up the sukiyaki meal?



…is what I thought, but then the staff turned it into oyakodon (rice bowl with chicken and egg).
This oyakodon was once again delicious.
Since the egg holds in the broth steeped with vegetable umami, it had an incredibly deep flavor.
I was full but I ate the whole thing. It was the kind of oyakodon I might like to eat for lunch.


Then, it was the much-awaited dessert time.
Since this is a chicken restaurant, of course dessert is caramel custard.
The house-made custard was served with fruit.


This caramel custard was surprisingly rich!
There was a strong egg flavor.
The balance of caramel was excellent for a bittersweet, mature flavor.
Sooo~ delicious!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed the rich egg in this caramel custard. You might want to take some home with you if you are a caramel custard fan.
It was delicious. Thank you!


I was able to have a very happy time enjoying a variety of tasty chicken dishes and dessert in a wonderful space.
“Tokugawa Bettei” is not only great for enjoying delicious chicken, but also very suitable for when you want to have a nice dinner while leisurely conversing, such as for anniversaries and meetings.
– For those of you who love chicken
– For those of you looking for a restaurant that has great chicken dinners within walking distance of Umeda
– For those of you looking for a date spot where you can enjoy delicious chicken dishes in private rooms
For those of you who like to eat chicken, “Tokugawa Bettei” is worth visiting!


store Tokugawa Bettei
tel 06-6373-6060
address 1-13-6, Honjonishi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 497m from Nakazakichō Station
opening hours 7:30~24:00
holiday Sunday (Monday, if Sunday falls on a national holiday) , August 13 to 16
Original(Written in Japanese)



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