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Kushikatsu (fried skewer) Yakko

Kushikatsu (fried skewer) Yakko

The rule for using the thick sauce is naturally "No double dipping!"

I went to Shinsekai after not having been there for a while, and it has become quite the tourist spot.
It was a little past noon on a weekday, so I was luckily able to get seated quickly.

Once inside, the restaurant was lively, with the waiters taking orders one after the other.
Since I was thirsty, I ordered a chuhai (shochu highball).

As for the kushikatsu (fried skewers), I ordered the beef skewer, renkon (lotus root), octopus, fugu (blowfish), asparagus, and eggplant.
The orders came out at a good pace, and I left the restaurant after drinking and eating rather quickly.

The kushikatsu was breaded with fine bread crumbs that came out with a crispy coating, so they were so good even without any sauce♡
It goes without saying that the rule for using the thick sauce is “No double dipping!”

■ Pork skewer 100 yen

■ Fugu (blowfish) 180 yen

■ Gizzard 120 yen

■ Asparagus 180 yen

■ Eggplant 120 yen
■ Draft beer 500 yen
■ Chuhai (shochu highball) 400 yen



store Kushikatsu (fried skewer) Yakko
tel 06-6643-6954
address 2-3-10, Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport JR Shin-Imamiya walk 5 minutes
opening hours 12:00~20:30
holiday Monday , Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



A housewife who, more than shopping or anything, loves to try out foods. Especially likes "local foods", vegetables and delicacies. Drinks shochu on the rocks, and likes dry sake and full-bodied wine. Has many food-related qualifications such as: Vegetable Sommelier, Food Analyst, Food Life Advisor, Cooking Certificate, Japan Chopsticks Education Instructor, Oyster Meister.