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“Ichiemon” in Sakai City

“Ichiemon” in Sakai City

Enjoy Irori (traditional Japanese sunken hearth) cooking and hot pot dishes in a perfect old traditional Japanese house atmosphere!

I had dinner at “Ichiemon” , a restaurant that serves Irori (traditional Japanese sunken hearth) cooking and hot pot dishes located in Sakai City.
The place has been splendidly renovated to look like an old traditional Japanese house. The moment I got there and saw the Irori, my excitement levels skyrocketed instantly!!
They have various ingredients available for leisurely Irori roasting, but today, we chose to go with some “Sweetfish” (¥700).



Being able to enjoy a hotpot dish right next to it is also absolutely wonderful!


Now well-roasted after some time, I excitedly bite into the sweetfish!


Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
The meat is soft and fluffy and it fills your mouth with that delicious taste distinct to sweetfish!
This atmosphere is just great, I can’t get enough of it~(^^


Draft Beer



“Tanba Shishi Nabe (A hotpot with wild boar meat from Tanba)” (¥3200 for a single serving; photo shows two servings)
We picked two portions: some really beautiful thigh meat and some shoulder loin meat.



Simmering the meat and vegetables in a special red miso broth…



Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
The juice which exudes from the meat as you bite into it is really sweet and the taste matches perfectly with the rich red miso broth. It’s absolutely delicious!





“Extra-Large Shrimp and Burdock Root Kakiage (Mixed Tempura)” (¥750)
Using burdock root in the batter for fried shrimp was a surprise!


Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
The thick shrimp was very tender and matched well with the crispy, perfectly-seasoned burdock root!
This combination of shrimp and burdock root is the best. (^^


“Yellowtail Collar (a fatty portion containing the pectoral fin of the fish right below the gills)”


Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
The meat was really fatty and just absolutely deliciooouus!


Japanese Sake (Rice Wine)



“Whole Sweetfish Sushi” (¥800)
On top of the rice is a whole sweetfish, carefully prepared by opening it up, removing the internal organs and bones, and putting it all back together again!
This is the first time I’ve seen this and it’s really quite an amazing idea~ (^^



Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
You can certainly taste the sweetfish flavor in this one. It was astonishingly good!


Lastly, we put raw eggs in the remaining hotpot broth and let it cook and set…


We placed the cooked eggs on top of white rice and poured a good amount of broth on top of it and took a bite.


Wooooaaaah, so deliciooooouuuuus!!
The combination of rich broth, mellow eggs, and rice was just superb. (^^
I’m full and very, very, very satisfied!!



There are so many ingredients available for Irori roasting. I want to try them all. (^^
There is also a large variety of hotpot dishes available, which is great!





The Irori use is limited to four groups per day.
With both the interior and the garden splendidly renovated, the shop atmosphere is just perfect!


You can also feel the distinct style in the store facade. You can tell that meticulous effort was put into every nook and cranny of this wonderful restaurant. (^^
It’s a 10-minute walk from the JR Hanwa Line Otori or Tonoki Station so you can definitely go there on foot!
They also have a parking lot so you can also go there by car if you have someone who won’t drink alcohol to drive for you!
Do try and go there to experience superb Irori cooking and great value hotpot dishes in the perfect traditional atmosphere!
Irori use is limited to four groups per day, so I would recommend making a reservation before heading there.


store Ichiemon
tel 072-262-8000
address 2-281, Otorinishimachi, Nishi-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 544m from Tomiki Station
opening hours 11:30~15:00 , 17:30~22:00
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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