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“Moeyo Mensuke” in Fukushima ward

“Moeyo Mensuke” in Fukushima ward

Impressive lines form early in the morning for the exceptionally deep taste of this ramen served by chefs who earned their chops in a famous restaurant!

For today’s lunch I went to a ramen restaurant named “Moeyo Mensuke” in the Fukushima ward.
Culinary experts who were just working at a famous restaurant in Osaka went independent and started this restaurant.

There are basically two types of ramen available: “Kishugamo Soba” (Kishu Duck Noodles) and “Konjikigai Soba”
Kishugamo is famous as an otherworldly brand of duck, so I absolutely had to experience that luxury that is eating it as part of a soup and topping by ordering the “Kishugamo Noodles” (870 yen).


First I’ll try the soup…


Mmmmm, it’s so good!!
The soup was so delicious that for a while I just kept drinking the broth! ( ^ ^


The straight noodles are medium-thick.


The noodles have an amazing fragrance.


Rare roasted Kishu duck!


The texture of the roast duck meat is exquisite, with the juices flowing out of the meat as you bite into it, making it a perfect pairing with the excellent soup! 


Roasted pork shoulder stew meat.


It has a high-quality flavor with meat so soft it nearly melts in your mouth, a sensation like eating uncured ham.


Extra-thick bamboo shoots


The bamboo shoots have a wonderful full-bodied savory taste to them supplied by the lovely broth they have absorbed.  


 ”Kamo Tori Han” (Duck Rice) (390 Yen)
I know it tastes really good as it is…


But adding soup to it makes it like eating ochazuke (green tea with rice).


Yum, it’s so good!
Of course it’s good – it’s roasted duck, green onions, rice, and outstanding duck soup broth!
I couldn’t help but finish it all in an instant ( ^ ^


Naturally, I finished every last drop of the soup! 



The “Konjikigai Soba” looks really interesting too!



The shop is clean and neat, consisting of just the L-shaped counter.
There are always about 10 people waiting in line, but I understand why people are willing to wait when they are expecting food this good!
This restaurant is in a very convenient location right next to Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line, so make sure to stop by and try it out!


store Moeyo Mensuke
tel 06-6452-2101
address 5-12-21, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 99m from Fukushima Station
opening hours [Tue.-Sat.] 11:30~15:00 , 18:00~21:00 [Sun.] 11:30~16:00
holiday Mondays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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