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» RESTAURANT » A Udon specialty restaurant, “Kisuke” in Umeda.
A Udon specialty restaurant, “Kisuke” in Umeda.

A Udon specialty restaurant, “Kisuke” in Umeda.

Elastic, delicious, chewy Udon       

For today’s lunch, I visited a Udon specialty restaurant, “Kisuke” in Umeda.
I tried “Kama Tama Udon Kisuke-ryu” (¥780), since I have been wanting to try it here for a very long time.
The famous fried sea bream fish cake makes it seem like a great deal!
The unique feature of Kama Tama at this restaurant is the “Kisuke style” noodles that you coat with an egg and then dipping them in a relatively concentrated soup, rather than the typical style where you pour soy sauce over the noodles.



Before dipping them in the soup, I’m going to try the egg coated noodles alone first.


There are simply no words for the amazing elasticity and impressive chewiness!
The Udon noodles at this restaurant is always consistent and at the same high level!

And now, with the soup.


The soup itself is amazingly delicious, and the combination of the soup and the egg maximizes the deliciousness of the chewy noodles!
You can enjoy the gradual transformation of the flavors, as more egg gets incorporated into the soup, increasing richness and mildness.
This is a really amazing Kama Tama Udon!


The famous fried sea bream fish cake was also very impressive!



“Kama Tama Udon Kisuke Ryu” with fried sea bream fish cake is ¥780.
It was so good that I kept thinking how delicious it was, long after I left the restaurant.(^^


I got to the restaurant just before 3pm. The restaurant was full, and there were 2 people waiting at the entrance of the restaurant. Immediately after I got in line behind them, 5~6 more people lined up behind me!
The popularity is completely understandable, considering the amazing Udon they serve here!
There is no doubt that I will be frequenting this place in the future. (^^


store Kisuke
tel 06-6375-5656
address Coop Nomura Umeda A-1F, 4-1, Tsurunocho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 434m from Nakazakicho Station
opening hours 12:00~21:00 (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Mondays and the last Tuesday of every month
Original(Written in Japanese)



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