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Tonkatsu Kohchi Uehommachi Store

Tonkatsu Kohchi Uehommachi Store

The incredible, famous "Shimane Camborough Pork Tonkatsu", from the Tonkatsu restaurant that's always had an eye for delicious ingredients!

For today’s lunch I went to “Tonkatsu Kohchi Uehommachi Store”, a tonkatsu restaurant in Uehommachi HiHi Town.
It’s my first time, but I finally came to this popular spot that has incredible meat, panko crust, frying oil, dipping sauce and more!
There’s a variety of appealing dishes, but today I had the dish this place is especially known for!
“Shimane Camborough Pork Agedashi Scallion Tonkatsu” (¥980)


At 120 grams the tonkatsu is thick and quite impressive, and as a bonus it’s topped with a mound of scallions!



Add the raw egg, grated daikon radish and wasabi into the dipping sauce and mix it well.


Dip it in the sauce and take a bite…


Ohhhhh, it’s so tasstyyyyy!!
The batter is crispy and delicious, and the meat is bursting with sweet juiciness. The sauce is sweet and salty but full of a deep, thick flavor that really brings out the good flavor of the tonkatsu!
The sauce is especially good with the wasabi and the mellow flavor of the egg~!



Lunch is a great deal and available until 4:00 p.m.


Located on the 2nd floor of Uehommachi HiHi Town, this restaurant is open every day of the year and a great spot to know!


store Tonkatsu Kohchi Uehommachi Store
tel 06-6779-9907
address Uehommachi hihi town, 6-3-31, Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 71m from Osaka Uehonmachi Station
opening hours 11:30~21:30
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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