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“Ramen Hayato” in Minami-morimachi

“Ramen Hayato” in Minami-morimachi

A new shop that carries on the DNA of a well-known restaurant and offers superb miso ramen!

For today’s lunch I went to Minami-morimachi to check out the ramen shop “Ramen Hayato”.
This new shop started when the manager of one of Osaka’s premier ramen shops decided to open up a new place.
The shop has drawn a lot of attention with packed lines outside since the day it opened, so I had to go right away to see for myself!
“Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen” and “Miso Ramen” are the only two types of ramen they serve here!
I constantly see a bunch of rave reviews for their Miso Ramen, so I figured that might be the way to go….
“Miso Ramen” (880 yen)
The head of the shop also trained at a ramen shop based in Hokkaido, which shows in their expertly prepared miso ramen!


Let’s try the soup first…


It’s sooo delicious!!!!
It has an extremely robust flavor with dense sweet and savory umami from the miso, as well as a decent amount of sweetness from the oil.
It gets more and more irresistible with each spoonful!


The noodles are straight and a little thick in size.


Amazingly good!!!!
They have a slick texture that combines nicely with the soup!


Roasted pork with a rare center.


Incredibly tasty!!!
The texture is nice and soft, and the Kurobuta pork they use brims over in savory umami flavor.


They prepare it with two types of roasted pork cuts!


Now that’s delicious!!!
The fatty bits running through it are extremely tasty!



The menu is simple, but it’s packed with an original style that also reflects the DNA passed down from the noted ramen shop the owner came from.
There was only three people lined up when they opened at 11:00 a.m., but right after that it was completely full inside!
Then there were about 15 people lined up outside the doors when I left!
There isn’t much else around the shop, but its location is really easy to get to since it’s only about two to three minutes from Minami-morimachi Station. I’m definitely going to come back here again and again!


store Ramen Hayato
tel 06-6312-8276
address 1-2-2, Minamimorimachi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 228m from Minamimorimachi Station
opening hours 11:00~Open until supplies lasts (Last order 18:00)
holiday Mondays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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