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Miyazaki local cuisine Dogyan

Miyazaki local cuisine Dogyan

M’s omakase dinner course is unbelievably good value!

I had dinner at the Miyazaki local cuisine restaurant Dogyan in Bakurocho Chuo-ku.

Today I heard that

M’s omakase dinner course (5000 yen with 3 hour all you can drink)

was on, so I went to eat as soon as I could!

I’m so flattered that they named it after this blog (^^
Miyazaki black wagyu tataki (Photo: serving for 4)
Meat with wonderfully beautiful marbling, eaten with wasabi soy sauce…


Woah ~~~ delicious~~~!!
The grilled surface has a wonderful smell. The meat’s sweetness was surprising, it melted in my mouth in an instant!
Having such classy black wagyu in a course, isn’t it just unbelievable!



“The famous picked cucumber” (Photo: serving for 4)


This is totally a flavor you’ll get addicted to!

Icy cold premium malts draft beer



Fried taro (photo: serving for 4)


D… d… d Delicious~~! Totally!!

I wasn’t really prepared for this, but it was amazingly delicious!!
It was really interesting how stunned everyone was when they ate it and discovered how delicious it was, ( ^^


All you can drink – the premium draft beer flowed all night…



Fried Chicken Nanban Kimura-kun (Photo: serving for 4)
Super popular chicken nanban loaded with tartare sauce with Kimura-kun (kimchee and chilli oil) on top.

Loads of tartare and Kimura-kun mixed together…


Delicious ~~‼
I never thought that tartare, kimchee and chilli oil would go so well together!


Nagoya cochin chicken carpaccio (Photo: serving for 4)
Premium free range chicken – what a decadent dish!


Woah~~ Delicious~~‼
Meat with excellent texture, the succulent sweet and delicious flavors ooze out as soon as you bite down.


Charcoal grilled lamb chops (Photo: serving for 4)

Seriously, I was really excited to eat my beloved lamb chops!


Woah ~~~ delicious~~~!!!
Tender meat with an excellent bouncy texture when you bite down, the flavor and deliciousness of the lamb have been perfectly captured in this dish.
The fragrance of the charcoal has also been perfectly transferred, the fragrance is really fantastic~!




Miyazaki black wagyu doteyaki

What what? Doteyaki using thick cuts of the same Miyazaki black wagyu tataki from earlier, unbelievably luxurious!
You can hear the tempting sound of it cooking on the grill!


Mixed with generous amounts of miso…


Woah ~~~,delicious~~~!!!
The condensed flavor and sweetness of the meat’s juices go surprisingly well with the miso
It was my first time tasting such a luxurious doteyaki! ( ^^


The final dish, chicken white soup with shrimp miso and soba!
This looks like ramen when you first set eyes on it but…



Woah ~~~ delicious~~~!!!
What, what is this?! The flavor just keeps coming‼
After the rich flavor and deliciousness of the chicken comes the wonderful fragrance of the prawn which combines with the flavor of the chicken. I’ve never experienced such an explosion of flavors!
Noooo, this is too amazing!
The shrimp miso that comes with the soup also has a fantastic flavor‼
Though we shared between four people, it’s so good that I definitely want a whole bowl to myself when I’m not tipsy!

I’m so full… and I’m very very very very satisfied‼

In M’s omakase course there was black wagyu, Nagoya cochin chicken, lamb and meat dishes, amazing ramen, and other spectacular dishes. As expected they were all my favorite dishes, and I was moved by it all. I’m so so so completely satisfied

This course is for four people or more and you’ll need to make a reservation at least a day before, and is 5,500 yen with 3 hours all you can drink. You get more than you pay for, so it’s really a super value set!















In addition to Miyazaki local cuisine, there are also many original dishes. I get the feeling that the number of dishes and ramen will increases each time you go ( ^^
I want to go again for lunch!



Today, all the tables were fully booked.
I think their business is great because they place their priority on making customers happy and satisfied.
The restaurant has a retro atmosphere; the great ingredients and the reasonable prices will surprise you. It’s wonderful!


store Miyazaki local cuisine Dogyan
tel 06-6241-6689
address 3-1-13 Ebisusenta- Bld.2F, Bakuromachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport Subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station 5-minute walk Subway Midosuji Honmachi Station 5-minute walk Subway Chuo Line Honmachi Station 5-minute walk
opening hours 11:30~14:00 17:00~24:00
holiday Sundays and public holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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