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Nettai Shokudo

Nettai Shokudo

Delicious black glutinous rice desert from a Thai-Balinese restaurant

If you are looking for delicious black glutinous rice desert in Osaka, I recommend you Thai-Balinese restaurant, Nettai Shokudo!


As the first step, I would like to introduce the highly popular Nettai Shokudo in Takatsuki City & Hirakata City where you can find desert made using black glutinous rice.


I visited the Takatsuki outlet this time, located at the 3F/4F of a building situated around the middle between JR Takatsuki and Hankyu Takatsuki.


At the shopfront of this Thai restaurant, you will be welcomed by a Ganesha statue.


There is also a booth featuring unique Thai merchandises.


Although the dim lighting and ethnic fragrance might seem a little mysterious at first, the dining seats are mostly filled up by 7 P.M. from reservations.

Needless to say, I am extremely curious to find out why this restaurant is so popular!


I shall enjoy some dinner courses first before trying the desert.

I was surprised that I was served iced water immediately (probably more than one liter).

What does this mean..?


Wow, this Som Tam Thai (green papaya salad: 900 Yen) had a spiciness which tingled my tongue.

I had to drink so much water along with this. (laughs)

By the way, as the staff will ask for your desired spicy level when ordering, those who are weak to spicy food can also enjoy the dishes. (Apparently the iced water is of default size)


And this is Suaronha (Steak in Northeastern Thai-style).

Black Japanese beef with spicy seasonings is just exquisite!

You will want to have rice with this delicious meat dish.


The dish which I wanted to eat most within the many varieties available is the Poo Nim Patpong Curry (soft-shell crab fried with egg curry).

The harmony between the soft fried crab and creamy egg gravy is indescribable.

I am surprised at how well the coconut curry blends with the fragrant crab.

Again, you will want to have rice with this delicious masterpiece.


It was also a supreme bliss to enjoy this with Rukumippan (tropical mix juice).

Although it is thicker than Japanese mix juices, the aftertaste is refreshing and matches very well with the spicy dishes.

I am already very satisfied with the dinner but here comes the main star!

Here are two reports on the Thai black glutinous rice desert.


The first is Buruburu Injin (black glutinous rice desert: 650 Yen).

It is an authentic desert that is even eaten as breakfast in Bari.


Cooked with palm sugar, the black glutinous rice has a captivating grainy, springy texture.

The mild sweetness spreads around your mouth as you chew on these rice.


The cold coconut milk makes these glutinous rice taste so much nicer that you just can’t stop eating.

This black glutinous rice desert has a mild sweetness similar to a Thai-style Zenzai.


The second one is Kaonya Odamusietti Mugati (coconut ice cream with black glutinous rice: 700 Yen).


Coconut cream and tapioca are placed on top of black glutinous rice boiled with coconut sugar, and a coconut ice cream is on top of raw bananas and jackfruits.


The compatibility of coconut milk and black glutinous rice is also heavenly here.

Cold ice cream also brings out the taste of black glutinous rice sharply.

Both the banana and tapioca create a tropical taste which you can never get enough.

This is the top recommendation for those who likes Asian-style deserts.


Nettai Shokudo has served a wonderful menu, from dinner entrees to deserts.

Precisely because they serve authentic Thai cuisine that I was able to feel so touched from the rich varieties in terms taste and texture in the menu.

This Thai restaurant was so great that I want to visit this place once a week.


Finally, I prayed to the Ganesha deity and left the restaurant.

This is probably the first time in my life that I ate Asian cuisine with so much satisfaction.

This place is highly recommended not only for those who like black glutinous rice desert, but also those who like Thai cuisine in general.


store Nettai Shokudo
tel 072-684-1236
address VIVID Bld. 4F・5F, 13-24, Takatsukimachi, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 5-minute walk away from JR Takatsuki Station or Hankyu Takatsuki Station
opening hours 11:30~14:00 (L.O) 18:00~22:00
holiday Irregular



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