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Okonomiyaki “Kei Chan”

Okonomiyaki “Kei Chan”

Even though this shop is in a great location of Umeda Higashi Dori shopping street, "Buta tama" costs only one coin, 500Yen!

Since the beginning of 2014, I’m eating my must-have food, “okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki” often.
I especially look for shops with a traditional ambiance♪
This is a shop I’ve always wanted to visit.
The shop has 11 seats at the bar with a cozy and at-home ambiance!

The menu is quite simple: teppannyaki, okonomiyaki and yakisoba♪
Even though it’s in the great location of Umeda Higashi Dori shopping street, “but a tama” only costs a shocking 500Yen!
Beer 380Yen! and soft drinks 200Yen are also very low priced. o(^_-)O

“Kei Chan” , which is also the name of the shop, is a very kind shopkeeper, and one can easily understand why there are many regulars who look forward to talking with her when they visit♪

It’s lively from across the counter. One can see, hear, smell, whetting the appetite, and the taste is exquisite!!
The cabbage steamed inside is soft and delicious!
The texture is crunchy! The modanyaki noodles are well combined with the sauce.
It’s hearty and goes well with alcohol◎
Eating it freshly-made is heaven(*^^*)

I also recommend “Cheekari”.
Thinly spread batter with lots of melting cheese. Seasoned only with ground black pepper. It’s grilled until crunchy so it goes perfectly with beer♪

Kei Chan’s recommendation is “Suji”.
The rare fibrous cheek is crunchy and outstandingly fresh!!
The umami of the fat stands out in the simple seasoning♪

Since the shop is open from 18:00 to 4:00 in the morning, it’s available even when you missed your last train.

■ Buta tama 500Yen

■ Ika tama 500Yen
■ Tako tama 500Yen
■ Ebi tama 500Yen
■ Kasu tama 600Yen
■ Suji tama 600Yen
■ Kaki dama 600Yen
■ Modanyaki 600Yen
■ Keichanyaki (with udon) 600Yen
■ Yakisoba

A la carte
■ Squid butter 500Yen
■ Suji 500Yen
■ Scallops butter 500Yen
■ Chicken gizzard 500Yen
■ Ray fillet 500Yen
■ Shiitake butter 500Yen
■ Stir-fried vegetables 500Yen

■ Beer (Kirin Ichiban Shibori) medium 380Yen
■ Beer (Kirin Ichiban Shibori) small 380Yen
■ Kirin Taru Sour (lemon, lime, yuzu) 380Yen
■ Highball 380Yen
■ Barley shochu 380Yen
■ Sweet potato shochu 380Yen
■ Soft drink 200Yen

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store Okonomiyaki “Kei Chan”
tel 06-6364-7888
address 6-13, Doyamacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 403m from Higashiumeda Station
opening hours 18:00 ~ 4:00 the next morning
holiday -
Original(Written in Japanese)



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