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» RESTAURANT » “Ah-Men”, a tasty udon restaurant in Teradacho
“Ah-Men”, a tasty udon restaurant in Teradacho

“Ah-Men”, a tasty udon restaurant in Teradacho

This is the second store by Gokuraku Udon TKU, the hyper-popular udon restaurant in Tamatsukuri.

The closest station is Teradacho Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line and there is a popular ramen place right close by. You could even do “ramen & udon hopping” if you wanted.

Gokuraku Udon TKU restaurant #2 is called ”Ah-Men”
This place has individuality and impact. It’s sure to make an impression!
The restaurant has both counter and table seating.
Sitting at the counter, you can watch the cooks’ technique in boiling up the noodles. This “live performance” feeling is great ♪

■ Kamatama udon with meat
Kamatama udon are freshly boiled, piping hot noodles, eaten topped with raw egg and soy sauce.
The restaurant serves special “ranou” eggs with orange-colored yolks that twinkle in the light!
The light creaminess of the eggs is exquisite, and the chewy noodles taste great ♪
Stock is served with this dish in a tokkuri cup. Splash it over your meal mid-way through and enjoy its wonderful aroma ♪

I ate Kamatama udon with meat together with egg rolls made with dried sardine stock!

The final thing I want to mention is the hiyakake, which I just love. So light and refreshing! These noodles that go down so well now go down even better. They’re amazing. Some of the daily specials that I enjoyed were super delicious too, like the komatsuna and broccoli ohitashi, the boiled salty fava beans, and the egg rolls made with dried sardine stock.


store Ah-Men
tel 06-6712-3111
address 2-1-29, Shimaya, Konohana-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 148m from Teradachō Station
opening hours 11:30~22:00
holiday Monday
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