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Chocolate soft cream at the chocolate speciality shop, “FABRICE GILLOTTE”

Chocolate soft cream at the chocolate speciality shop, “FABRICE GILLOTTE”

If you are after delicious chocolate sweets while at Abeno Harukas, I recommend the soft cream from chocolate speciality shop, “FABRICE GILLOTTE”!


Today, I am feeling like indulging in some delicious chocolate, so I made my first visit to a store I have been wanting to go to—“FABRICE GILLOTTE” at Kintetsu Department Store, Abeno.

The owner, FABRICE GILLOTTE, is one of France’s outstanding chocolatiers.
He trained from the age of 16, and won the M.O.F(Meilleur Ouvrier de France) at the age of 26.


Chic and stylishly detailed, the shop interior has the feel of a jewelry store. Do not look for FABRICE GILLOTTE on the basement floor among all the food stalls. You’ll find it on the first floor next to shops like LOUIS VUITTON and Tiffany, which makes sense.


Inside, you’ll find a rich variety of chocolate goods and a bountiful lineup of other products such as baked sweets.
You’re going to have trouble choosing from so many attractive products, such as the choux cream that is exclusive to the Abeno Harukas store. Every day, people line up to buy this product, and it always sells out.


From among all the choices, the thing that had me captivated was the soft cream.


You can select from three varieties: vanilla, mix, and chocolate (¥360), but I thought that since this is a shop owned by a chocolatier, then I really must try the chocolate soft cream, which features nothing but chocolate.


That being the case, I chose chocolate.
Made using VALRHONA chocolate, this is as luxurious as soft cream gets.
Just looking at the elegant, rich-looking brown color made my mouth start watering instantly
By the way, the soft cream comes in your choice of cone or cup.


The soft cream is outstandingly melt-in-the-mouth. The fruity flavor of cacao
and just the right amount of bitterness makes for a taste sensation. The soft cream is not overly sweet and leaves a clean after taste, which made me feel like just eating and eating.
It’s amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

This was a soft cream that expressed the great taste of chocolate to the absolute utmost.
・Chocolate lovers
・Soft cream lovers
・People who want to take a relaxing break at Abeno Harukas
I recommend the soft cream at “FABRICE GILLOTTE” .


tel 06-6625-2121
address 1F, Tower-kan, Abenoharukasukintetsuhonten, 1-1-43 , Abenosuji, Abeno-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 53m from Osaka Abenokyo Station
opening hours 10:00~20:30
holiday Open every day except January 1st
Original(Written in Japanese)



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