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Patissire cri de coq: A reputable chef from a well-known establishment has opened a new confectionery shop in Mino!

Patissire cri de coq: A reputable chef from a well-known establishment has opened a new confectionery shop in Mino!

If you're looking for a confectionery shop that serves delicious sweets in Mino then I highly recommended checking out the newly opened “Patissire cri de coq” in Hakushima!


And it isn’t just about purchasing tasty sweets either, since it’s also a great place to sit down and eat whenever you are in the Mino area of Osaka Prefecture. As soon as I found out about this lovely new pâtisserie opening up in Mino, I had to go and check it out.


“Patissire cri de coq” is a cosy confectionery shop run by Chef Fukazawa, who previously trained at a well-known shop.


The showcase located at the front of the shop has a vibrant glow and is full of color.


The shelf over on the left is lined with baked sweets and chocolates.


And if you look over to the right there is a spacious area to sit and eat.


As you would expect the interior is simple in design, and instead of an air-conditioner they prefer to use a heater inside the shop, which adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere they provide.


I stopped in during the evening, so there was only a small selection of cake left in the showcase.
They also make specialty items from local ingredients (Mino beer, Yuzu, etc), but they were all sold out that day.


They of course make shortcake and cream puffs, but I was really happy to see that they have a lot of other things like Canele and chocolate based sweets as well.


All of the sweets they offered looked stunning, but for this visit I decided to sit down and order these four below.


Canele (¥100) and Bon Bon Chocolat (¥300).


Volcano (¥400).


Terrine chocolat (¥1250).


For a drink I decided to try their black tea (Darjeeling).


The tea leaves came from Uf-fu, which is a tea shop in Ashiya that specializes in black tea and Chinese tea.


Each and every sweet I tried had a well-balanced texture and delicate flavor. The balance of umami (savory deliciousness) was extraordinary, which left me completely satisfied.


The balance provided by the tea was also very good, and I was still ready to eat more even after I had finished. In fact, the delicious aftertaste had me looking for more things to try. It was truly a delicious time!


I am grateful to Chef Fukazawa for taking the time to kindly come over and talk with me while I enjoyed the food. He talked about sweets and the time he has spent studying food, which was polite of him.


Just like the heater inside the shop, the chef was warm and personable, which gave me the sense that even though the shop has just opened, there are probably regular customers who stop in daily.


Just by the looking at the price of the Canele (¥100) you can tell that “Patissire cri de coq” is a very honest, good-hearted shop.


If you are in Mino looking for some delicious sweets, on the lookout for a relaxing cafe to enjoy in the Hokusetsu district of Osaka Prefecture, or excited by the idea of trying a multitude of delicious chocolate sweets, then the newly opened “Patissire cri de coq” in Hakushima, Mino is the place for you!



store Patissire cri de coq
tel 072-729-0285
address LA GARELLIA 1F, 3-7-2, Hakushima, Mino-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 2,147m from Minoo Station
opening hours 10:00~19:30
holiday Wednesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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