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A cafe specializing in Japanese tea “wad omotenashi cafe” serving delicious shaved ice

A cafe specializing in Japanese tea “wad omotenashi cafe” serving delicious shaved ice

At this “wad omotenashi cafe” cafe specializing in Japanese tea, you can enjoy a delicious shaved ice "ice mountain" and roasted green tea set!


After receiving several recommendations, we decided to visit “wad omotenashi cafe”.
The cafe is located in the Yotsubashi area in Nishi-ku, Osaka, where many unique sweets shops are gathered.


The cafe is on the 2nd floor of a building shared with a pork restaurant on the 1st floor. And when we go upstairs we see…


a wonderful gallery stocked with original and unique earthenware dishes, bowls and cups.


The owner had wishes to not only sell earthenware, but also to have people hold and feel them, so using half of this space, he created a cafe where customers could enjoy authentic tea served in unique earthenware.


The window seats were very nice, but this time we decided to sit at the counter.


First, the owner personally and carefully explains the menu.
After hearing his talk, we wanted to enjoy such highly select tea, but this time we ordered the shaved ice.


We drank chilled water served in an exquisite earthen cup while we waited for our ice.


And then, our shaved ice arrived!


The wad omotenashi cafe specialty “ice mountain.”


And by the way, the ice mountain(¥800) is served with a choice of 4 flavors, Uji powdered green tea, roasted green tea, honey, and brown sugar syrup. We selected Uji powdered green tea.
We ordered extra toppings of condensed milk(¥50) and bean paste(¥50).


First we poured the powdered green tea syrup.


The very fragrant powdered green tea had a mellow bitterness and gave a comfortable and pleasant flavor.
The sweetness was well balanced, and matched excellently with the chilled ice.


When mixed with the milk, we got a sensation of rich sweetness, and almost felt like we were eating ice cream.


And when we added the bean paste, the sweetness sharply increased, but left a surprisingly fresh after taste.


Whether you like it with just powdered green tea, or just milk, or just bean paste, or with powdered green tea and milk, powdered green tea and bean paste, or everything together, the combinations are up to you.
You can add the toppings as you like, so you can enjoy it in a variety of flavors.


Although the ice was pretty big, we finished it off in no time.
This was a delicious shaved ice, making for satisfying enjoyment of all the great qualities of the respective ingredients.


Just before we finished our shaved ice, we were served with piping hot roasted green tea.


I wonder if the owner had calculated that by the time we finished eating the tea would be at just the right temperature to drink?


Not only was the shaved ice wonderful, but the owner’s timing and service and conversation were all just too wonderful wad omotenashi cafe.
Considering that, to be able to have this shaved ice set for ¥900(including condensed milk and bean paste) was honestly, a bargain.
So we highly recommend this cafe, wad omotenashi cafe in Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, for shaved ice lovers of course…
• also to tea lovers
• anyone who wants to learn about tea
• anyone interested in earthenware


store wad omotenashi cafe
tel 06-7505-2095
address 2F, 1-9-14, Shinmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 296m from Nishiohashi Station
opening hours 13:00~20:00
holiday Tuesday and Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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