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Shofukuan’s Choice Kuromon Pudding

Shofukuan’s Choice Kuromon Pudding

At Shofukuan in Kuromon Market, you can enjoy a delicious pudding made with Nagoya Cochin eggs.


Hearing that you can enjoy delicious pudding at the Kuromon Market—which is the kitchen of Osaka—I decided to visit Shofukuan.


Shofukuan sells side dishes and set meals, and so it has this specialty pudding that is made using Nagoya Cochin eggs.


By the way, you’ll find the shop just after you enter the market.


Use the floating sea bream as your landmark.


On the left-hand side of the display case lined with all the tasty-looking side dishes is the Kuromon Pudding…


Because so many overseas tourists have been flooding into the market in recent years, the signs are written in both Chinese and English.


Today I ate in the store.


The Choice Kuromon Pudding (250 JPY) uses plenty of freshly-laid Nagoya Cochin eggs and natural vanilla beans and is finished with honey and fresh cream from Hokkaido.


Remove the lid and there’s all this vanilla…


You’ll find caramel sauce hiding in the bottom.


I did not turn the pudding over, but ate it just like that.
It had a velvety texture.
You’ll get a wonderful burst of creamy flavors.
The caramel was not too thick, so I was able to enjoy the flavor of the ingredients to my heart’s content.


The Choice Kuromon Pudding was created through trial and error by combining different kinds of eggs in different ways. Apparently, Shofukuan was particular about getting a velvety, melt-in-the-mouth texture. This was a smooth pudding that totally hit the spot—and I am a pudding-lover.
It was great. Thanks for a fine feast.


Today I talked about the pudding, but you can also enjoy well-priced set meals at Shofukuan too.


The Japanese plums stewed in white wine that they were selling also taste wonderful, and I was pleasantly surprised by the high level and wide variety of foods on offer.
Next time I’d like to visit at lunchtime.


I recommend Shofukuan at Kuromon Market to people who:
・Love velvety puddings
・Are looking for delicious puddings that are particular about the ingredients
・Are looking for delicious sweets at Kuromon Market


store Shofukuan
tel 06-6645-0260
address 1-16-9, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 126m from Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station
opening hours 10:00~19:00
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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