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Duck cuisine restaurant Fujita

Duck cuisine restaurant Fujita

This is a restaurant located in Kitashinchi where you can enjoy a duck cuisine-based course meal!

I went to Fujita, a duck cuisine restaurant in Kitashinchi.
This restaurant is a branch of “Fujino”, a very popular restaurant in Osaka and Fukushima.
“Fujita” offers Kawachi duck-based course meals.

The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere to it, and it features a limited seating area – just 12 seats at the counter.
You will not be able to help but to become mesmerized by the full display of the chef’s skills in the open kitchen ☆
You can definitely feel how much importance this restaurant places in seasonality and the techniques of “washoku”!


■Kawachi Duck Course Meal: 9,300 JPY (plus tax)
*Seat fee: 500 JPY

◎ Green soybeans, grilled Kawachi duck skin, and rolled omelette
Green soybeans and rolled omelette!
The more you chew on the grilled Kawachi duck skin, the more you can feel its rich flavor spreading within your mouth.


◎ Kawachi duck tataki, uncured ham with cream cheese, steamed duck, smoked duck, heart, liver, and thinly sliced duck meat with kelp on rice
With Kawachi duck, you cannot feel the characteristic smell of duck at all, and when it is fresh, I especially recommend to have it raw ♪
The duck loin tataki offers a mellow body and a flavor whose aftertaste lingers on for a while ♪
And the aromatic scent of the smoked skin matches champagne exquisitely!
This duck meat is delicious in sashimi, and having it steamed, or with kelp or cheese, does nothing but make it even tastier!



◎ Deep fried duck loin with red pepper
By deep frying it, the inherent flavor of the duck stays locked inside the meat in a delicious taste that brings a whole new light onto duck cuisine!


◎Soup pasta with summer vegetables and duck meat
I opened the lid on the silver bowl… and here was the soup pasta!
This dish uses plenty of thin pasta and summer vegetables. The duck soup was so delicious that this has become one of my favorite dishes ♪



◎ Duck steak with eggplant and fig dengaku miso
The aroma of the sizzling duck steak as it was grilled right before my eyes was so exciting!
And the unexpected combination of the natural sweet flavor of ripe figs and dengaku miso turned out to be the perfect sauce for this duck steak!


◎ Duck mixed rice and red miso soup
This mixed rice makes full use of the inherent flavor of the duck. It is so delicious that you will want another helping!



◎ Dessert: Coffee-flavored smoked vanilla ice cream and kiwi
Vanilla ice cream that tastes like coffee!? This strange flavor really makes for a dessert for adults ☆


It was really delicious ☆ Thank you for the meal! *\(^o^)/*






store Fujita
tel 06-6346-0024
address Ikari Building 3F, 1-6-12, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 191m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 17:30~21:30
holiday Sundays, 8/14〜8/16 and the year-end and New Years holidays.
Original(Written in Japanese)



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