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Minami Senba “la pignata”

Minami Senba “la pignata”

Dinner at this authentic Italian regional restaurant was utterly delicious!

I went to “la pignata”, an Italian restaurant in Minamikyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku. It’s a restaurant where you can easily get Italian regional cuisine prepared by a popular chef!

This time, I had a few dishes from the abundant choices of attractive dishes!


“Tottori-produced winter yellowtail salad” (1800 yen)


Oh my goodness, so delicious~!
The super fatty winter yellowtail melts in your mouth!


Draft beer



“Hokkaido-produced cod milt meuniere with soft-boiled eggs and burnt butter sauce” (1600 yen)
A giant cod milt!
When I crushed the soft-boiled egg and mixed it up…


Sooooo amazing~!
The dense creamy umami (taste) of the milt matches so exquisitely with the fiercely fragrant butter sauce!


“Homemade focaccia”
Sucked up every last drop of the milt butter sauce with this focaccia (^^


“Homemade sagna calf roll braciola and cacioricotta ricotta forte” (1800 yen)
The pasta is really thick, like udon…


Oh my gooood, amaaazing!
The chewy texture is out of this world!
The flavor of the veal loin is so condensed too, this is a really satisfying pasta dish!


Draft beer



“Charcoal-grilled steak of Kumamoto-produced horse loin” (3600 yen)


Cut into wonderfully thick slices, it’s really voluminous!


Ahhhh so good!
The meat is firmly chewy, but it’s wonderfully juicy, and the meat juices are amazing!


Draft beer



“Roast of 20 day-aged Kumamoto-produced pork shoulder loin” (3000 yen)
This is another one where the visual just gets you (^^


Oh woooow, amazing!!
The wonderfully juicy meat is insanely sweet, with super rich umami!
The aging of the pork is also great!


Got some hot coffee, and am so so so satisfied!



Because each dish is pretty large, I think you can enjoy a variety of dishes if you share between 3-4 people!


Both the first and second floors were completely full with customers who had reservations, and the restaurant was really busy!


store la pignata
tel 06-6226-8570
address Tokiwa Building 1F, 2-5-3, Minamikyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 380m from Sakaisuji Honmachi Station
opening hours [Tue.-Sat.]11:30~15:00, 18:00~23:00 [Sunday and National holiday]12:00~15:00, 17:00~22:00
holiday Monday
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