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Kita-ku, Toyosaki “Mendokoro Eguchi”

Kita-ku, Toyosaki “Mendokoro Eguchi”

Esaka's extremely popular ramen shop has opened a second shop that carries their own home made noodles and a hot broth made with a mixture of chicken and pork

I went today for lunch to the ramen shop “Mendokoro Eguchi” in Kita-ku, Toyosaki.

Upon opening the shop, they introduced their home made noodes along with their anticipated chicken and pork broth. I was a little lost on whether to try the broth with the usual (ramen) or tsukemen, but I wound up ordering the tsukemen version (normal size, 200g for ¥850).

The steaming broth is properly opaque!


A serving of the slightly fat, round straight noodles.


I first tried the noodles plain.


It’s so good!
You can taste the savory flavor of the wheat and an explosion of sweetness fills your mouth the instant you put the noodles in. The noodles are amazing!


The chicken and pork soup…


First, I drank a bit of just the broth itself.


Oooooh, so delicious!


And then I added the noodles to the soup…


It was so good!
A new dimension of deliciousness evolved from adding the sweetness of the wheat noodles to the flavor filled soup!
The noodles and soup themselves were already good separately, so naturally the two would becoming even more appetizing when fused together.


The pork slices…


So good!
The succulent pork had proper flavor and eating it made me suddenly want some beer to go with it. (^^



I then asked for a spoon for finishing off the soup…


Soooo good!
The thickness was superb and makes you feel like maybe it was the chicken that adds to it. It might just be me, but at any rate it’s so good that it makes you want to drink the bowl dry.



They have weekday lunchtime specials that come with rice.



It was the opening day when I went and you could really understand how much the noodle lovers were keen on this place from the impressive line outside. It looks like long lines will be quite normal there for the time being, but the quality of the food makes it completely worth the long wait.
I myself am thinking of lining up to have myself some more. (^^


store Mendokoro Eguchi
tel 06-6338-0077
address 1-4-20, Esakacho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 490m from Esaka Station
opening hours [Tue.-Sat.] 11:00-15:00 , 18:00-23:00 [Sunday and National holidays] 11:00-15:00 , 18:00-22:00 (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Monday (Tuesday, if Monday falls on a national holiday) , Third Tuesday of every month.
Original(Written in Japanese)



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