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The specialty of the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market, tsukami sushi “Endo Sushi”

The specialty of the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market, tsukami sushi “Endo Sushi”

If you are looking for sushi near the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market, this is the place!

Today I went to the sushi shop “Endo Sushi” in the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market for lunch.
This shop is famous for being basically the only place you can eat sushi inside of the market; it is a bit extravagant for an office worker’s lunch, but I went there for the first time in a while anyways (^^
The sushi there is famous because it is not “nigiri sushi”, but instead “tsukami sushi,” which is made simply by lightly grasping the sushi rice instead of pressing it into shape as usual.
You can enjoy the unique feeling of the lightly grasped sushi rice melting apart as soon as you put it in your mouth, so for people who like that, it is the best!
You can order a “top mix” (1050 yen) plate that has 5 pieces of sushi on it picked by the chef; one of those 5 pieces is always fatty tuna, which is a wonderful system (^^
This is the first plate.
There’s thickly cut fatty tuna and sea bream, a big amberjack with sea urchin, and conger eel creating a popular line up of toppings!



The fatty tuna really does melt in your mouth.
The boiled conger eel is spongy and delicious!!



The second plate had Japanese halfbeak, fatty tuna, scallop pillars, shrimp and squid. I was still really happy that the fatty tuna comes on every plate (^^


The squid and scallops were fresh and had an irresistibly firm texture!


I was debating going for a third plate…
I thought, “Spending 3000 yen on a weekday lunch is going a bit overboard. But… 10 pieces is a bit too little…” but my mouth piped up with “one more plate please!” of its own accord (^^
Boiled octopus, roast beef, salmon roe, fatty tuna and shiitake mushrooms!


The shiitake mushrooms had a wonderful aroma and were delicious.
And the super-thick fatty tuna…


With all of these toppings packed into 15 pieces, 3150 yen was a good deal! Only, the time it took to eat this 3000 yen lunch was… 10 minutes (^^;


It was right before closing time, but there were still a lot of customers there; over half of the people were there drinking some midday beer or sake.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of its establishment, and the inside of the store reflected that vibe of historical importance. The same store in the Kyobashi Keihan mall too, but for the atmosphere, eating at the in-house market location is better, don’t you think?!


store Endo Sushi
tel 06-6469-7108
address Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market, 1-1-86, Noda, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 615m from Tamagawa Station
opening hours 5:00~14:00
holiday Sunday and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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