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“Yatara spice” in Uehommachi

“Yatara spice” in Uehommachi

Superb use of spices that really brings out the flavor!  

For today’s lunch, I went to “Yatara spice”, a curry shop in Uehommachi.
The restaurant rents a daytime dining bar area from “Kitchen @ezse”, which is open only at night.

I learned a lot about spicy curries on my travels through Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, and Thailand, so my my hopes are already high!
The restaurant offers three types of curries, so you can order plates featuring either one, two, or all three varieties. I went for the three-curry combo plate (1200 yen)!
From left to right, the curries are an okra & pea sprout curry, a pork masala, and a salmon & shimeji mushroom coconut masala.


It looks like this from the back.


There are big thick chunks of pork in the pork masala!


The pork is just tender enough, and the mix of spices is really complex and refreshing—it really brings out the flavor of the meat!


I try the salmon curry…


The spices here are kind of on the soft side to allow you to appreciate the flavor of the salmon!


Now for the okra & pea sprout curry…


The flavor of the okra and pea sprouts really stands out, and it has just the right touch of spice!
Overall, the flavor of the ingredients really comes through, and I think they’re great at using just the right types of spices to bring out the flavor!
Finally, I mix all three together to make a Sri Lankan-style curry. It tasted crazy good (^^


I think getting all these elaborate curries at a price like this is a huge deal!



The inside of the shop is wide & open; it really feels clean & stylish.
You should definitely drop by!


store Yatara spice
tel 06-7896-1765
address River Rize Uehonmachi 1F, 18-24, Ishigatsujicho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 243m from Osaka Uehonmachi Station
opening hours 11:30~15:00
holiday Sundays and Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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