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Tsuruhashi  “Sushiyoshi”

Tsuruhashi “Sushiyoshi”

Unusual ingredients and yet incredibly authentic flavors! More than satisfying outstanding gourmet nigiri sushi!

For lunch today I went to ”Sushiyoshi”, a sushi restaurant in Tsuruhashi.
With items like their specialty, the foie gras steak nigiri, this old shop is very famous for their “gourmet nigiri” which is eaten without any soy sauce! I finally went for the first time to this restaurant that I’ve been wanting to visit for such a long time!
The 10 item set “gourmet nigiri” was 2,980Yen, which is quite expensive, but after you taste what’s in the set you might think oppositely that it’s probably too cheap since it’s such a highly satisfying meal!

To begin, we started with snow crab (the picture shows two servings)!
When two or more people order the set, it comes with the body portion and claws!


Crab “miso” on crab meat…


So delicious!!
The more you chew the dense meat, the more the natural crab meat flavor and sweetness comes out, and the interaction with crab “miso” is fantastic!
This suddenly makes you want to drink some sake. (^ ^


The crab claws and the body all have plenty of meat!
By the way, plenty of crab “miso” is also on to the underside of the shell!


So good!!
The meat is really sweet; you’re already soaked in a feeling of luxury and it’s only lunchtime. (^ ^


Thick crab leg meat…


You can directly enjoy the deliciousness of crab!
The flavor of the vinegar used in the sushi rice and the way the nigiri softly falls apart in your mouth just right is superb!


The house made pickled ginger is also apparently a specialty…


There is a wonderful balance of sweetness and vinegar flavors. This is definitely delicious. (^ ^


Botan ebi (botan shrimp)
A giant botan shrimp!


The sweet shrimp taste that spreads throughout your mouth is really something!


Tai (sea bream)
The meat is sliced incredibly thick!


The refreshing ponzu mixed with daikon (radish) accentuates the sea bream’s sweetness!



This is also thick!


The amount of fat is perfect and delicious!

Shime saba (vinegared mackerel)


The vinegar taste of this dish is exquisite!


And we finally meet!
It’s the foie gras steak nigiri!
The large, thick piece of foie gras is lightly roasted with olive oil…


Wow, delicious!!
What a surprise that foie gras goes so well with vinegared rice!
The soft foie gras melts away before you know it, but the delicious aftertaste lingers in your mouth. (^ ^
Ah, how extravagant!


Menegi (young green onion)


The crunchy texture of green onion and katsuobushi (dried bonito) goes surprisingly well together!
I see how the sushi at this place is really good even without using any soy sauce!


Tamago yaki (egg)
These enormously cut slices of egg are also a specialty of this restaurant, and apparently there are fans who keep coming back because of this item!


With foie gras, scallop, and sea urchin mixed inside, and the perfect balance of sweet flavor and dashi (soup stock), this is insanely delicious!
Because this item takes more effort to make, it is not available for takeout; you are only able to consume this in the restaurant.
This definitely has a taste that once you try it, you can’t help wanting to eat more. (^ ^


Mizu nasu (“water eggplant”)
There’s sea urchin on the big piece of eggplant!


This one also melted away in my mouth before I knew it. (^ ^

The 10 pieces up to here makes up the famous “gourmet nigiri” (2,980Yen).
It really is a highly satisfying meal!


Ikura (salmon roe)
This item was ordered separately, but this is yet another specialty of this restaurant, and is unique in that the nigiri sits on top of a chicory leaf.


Wow, delicious!!
The crunchiness of the chicory is wonderful, and is strangely a good match with the sticky, rich salmon roe!

I’m greatly satisfied with the many nigiri sushi that were each so exciting!



The cozy, clean place is run by a dedicated, earnest man and an attentive, kind woman.


I had the strong impression that this is a place to eat unusual sushi, but everything from the rice to the toppings—the unusual ones included of course—was all attentively made and incredibly authentic!

Photography was apparently not allowed before, but now photos are allowed “if you take nice pictures” so go ahead and take beautiful photos of delicious sushi and share them with lots of people. (^ ^
As for me, I would like to go back at night and drink with the delicious food!


store Tsuruhashi “Sushiyoshi”
tel 06-6712-6078
address 2-7-5, Tsuruhashi, Ikuno-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport Subway Kintetsu · JR Tsuruhashi Station 5-minute walk
opening hours 11:30~15:00 , 17:00~21
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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