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Nishi Shinsaibashi  “Bokkoshi”

Nishi Shinsaibashi  “Bokkoshi”

A sister shop of the well-known ramen shop in Juso, where you can taste the umami of the rich chicken broth spread endlessly in your mouth! 

For lunch today, I went to a ramen shop in Nishi Shinsaibashi,  “Bokkoshi”.
The shop, which specializes in rich Chinese baitang-based chicken ramen, is a sister shop of an extremely popular ramen shop in Juso,  “Bakkoshi”, which specializes in rich tonkotsu ramen!
This time, I went to eat at this shop immediately after I heard that the “extra rich Chinese baitang-based chicken ramen” (¥950), which quickly sold out at the grand opening, is now available!

The pure white broth is its signature!



Very hearty soup


Woooooow, tasty!!
You can feel the extreme creaminess and clinginess of the broth as it ever so gently spreads out in your mouse as you take your first sip.
The more broth you sip, the more the umami keeps building up like a flood in your mouth!
The umami just keeps building up as if the flavor would spread out infinitely!
The “extra rich flavored ramen” at  “Bakkoshi” gives you a powerful umami punch from the first sip. Whereas you can enjoy the extremely contrasting flavors at this shop!
What’s more, you taste no unpleasant chicken flavors despite how rich the broth is, and it has a remarkably high-quality finish!

When you lift the thick flattened noodles, the broth is so rich that, rather than just sitting on the noodles, it clings to them!


I have no doubts in saying it’s delicious because the chewy noodles with substantial body blend perfectly in this super tasty broth.(^^



Chicken chashu (sliced chicken)


Woooooooow, yummy!!
The chicken itself is soaked with an extremely rich umami flavor, and it tastes so good that it can be a good snack to pair with beer or wine!

What surprised me are the sliced red onions!


This is fantastic!
The more you sip the broth, the more the umami flavor builds up in your mouth. But the moment you eat these red onions, the invigorating flavor spreads throughout in your mouth and clears your palate!
Once you take another sip, the inspiring umami comes back to life again!
I suspect this combination is probably the result of painstaking calculations!


I was enjoying it so much that I finished it all before I even noticed.(^^



The focus of the menu is the Chinese baitang-based chicken broth.
The menu says “free grated garlic,” and I believe the ramen tastes the best with garlic.(^^


Although the shop’s interior has simple counter and table seats, the shop is still new and sparkly clean!
The shop owner is very energetic, and the shop has a very pleasant atmosphere!
It makes me so happy that I can now enjoy delicious rich Chinese baitang-based chicken ramen at this location.(^^


store Nishi Shinsaibashi “Bokkoshi”
tel 06-6213-8570
address 2-6-10, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 222m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~14~30,18:00~23:00(L.O),Saturday, Sunday and public holidays11:30~23:00(L.O)
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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