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COUTUME: Acclaimed as the cafe with the most delicious coffee in Paris.

COUTUME: Acclaimed as the cafe with the most delicious coffee in Paris.

The COUTUME, acclaimed as the cafe with the most delicious coffee in Paris, has opened in DIAMOR OSAKA!


Catching the information that COUTUME, which is particular about everything coffee, has opened in DIAMOR OSAKA, I visited the cafe at once.


The COUTUME is a coffee shop described as “the cafe with the most delicious coffee in Paris”, the place with a mature cafe culture.
As a coffee lover, I couldn’t resist visiting when I heard this interesting phrase.


The shop with no door has a sense of openness, and has a white base color and a neo-futuristic design.
On the right is a counter offering coffee and a showcase for sweets.
On the left are seats at the tables.


In this shop, one can enjoy coffee brewed in the latest coffee-maker “Steampunk”.
I’m excited to see how the coffee tastes like.


It’s difficult to choose the coffee with this menu, as it is a little difficult to read, and I was a little perplexed…
I would like the menu to be easier to understand.


But it’s at these times that one turns to the staff.
I wanted to have sweets too, not just coffee, so I chose a sweets+coffee set.


Normally, chocolate cakes and eclairs would be offered in the showcase as well, but because I visited past 19:00, everything but “Creme Brulee” and “Strawberry and Pistachio Tart” were sold out.
I wanted to check the quality of their cakes as well, so I chose the strawberry and pistachio tart.
I think an authentic coffee (Steampunk) and sweets set for 700 yen is a good deal.


After you pay, you will be handed a cute number ticket by the staff.


I wait for the sweets and coffee while looking at the coffee machine in the back.


By the way, water is self-service.


As soon as I come back from fetching water, the dessert arrives.


The red strawberries and green pistachios of the tart have a wonderful contrast and looks pretty too.


As I was absorbed in taking photos of the tart, the coffee arrives.


Today’s coffee is, Las Hojas ACATENANGO(GUATEMALA).


You can sense their persistence to coffee beans even through the description on the menu.


Now that all the coffee is poured into the cup, here I go.
It is lighter than other coffee, and has a bitter flavor like leafmold, a fruity tartness and a slight sweetness.
The delicate flavors mix intricately and create a harmony in your mouth.


Now I’ll have the strawberry and pistachio tart that I was looking forward to along with the coffee.


The sweet and tart strawberries pair wonderfully with the rich cream.


The mellow pistachio cream brings out the delicious flavor of strawberry to the fullest and balance wonderfully with the custard filling in the center, and you can really enjoy the complex flavor of this tart.
This dessert had a wonderful harmony of different ingredients bringing out the flavor of strawberry.


・If you’re picky about coffee
・If you love coffee
・If you want to enjoy delicious coffee with delicious sweets
I recommend COUTUME that opened in DIAMOR OSAKA.


tel 06-6348-4630
address Osaka station Diamond underground shopping center 1F, 1, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 146m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 7:30~22:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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