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W.Bolero Osaka Honmachi Store

W.Bolero Osaka Honmachi Store

I had “Eierschecke”, the hugely popular cheesecake!

I get nostalgic thinking about the time that I went all the way to the main store in Shiga Prefecture in search of “Eierschecke”. It’s been one year since “W.Bolero” opened in Honmachi, Osaka.

In 2007, it was featured in a popular television show. The great popularity continues even now, and it’s constantly sold out through online sales.

The simple cake is so satisfying! The ingredients are meticulously selected, including eggs from chickens local to Eigenji, Shiga Prefecture and cream cheese from Tasmania. The rich baked cheese cake is prepared with care, and after allowing it to cool to room temperature, you can partake more fully of the delicious cheese flavor and soft texture. ^^

Since there’s also a café, you can enjoy treats like cake and bread hot out of the oven. ♪

“Eierschecke” is one characteristic cheese cake from the Dresden region of eastern Germany, and means “speckled fried egg.” Underneath the powdery cookie is a layer of butter and custard cream, followed by the main layer of cream cheese (with raisins), and on the very bottom is cookie dough, forming the four layers of the cake.


■ Verbena (Herb tea)




store W.Bolero Osaka Honmachi Store
tel 06-6228-5336
address 1F, Nanseikawaramachi Bld., 4-7-4, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 347m from Honmachi Station
opening hours 10:00~20:00
holiday Saturday
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