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“Kamatake Udon” in Namba

“Kamatake Udon” in Namba

The udon here is absolutely delicious!

Today I enjoyed lunch at an udon shop in Namba by the name of “Kamatake Udon”.

Now, every udon eatery features the most classic of classic dishes, kijouyu udon, udon with soy sauce. However, I’d never tried it before… A fact I was determined to rectify immediately! So I ordered a bowl, and in no time at all I was presented with a glistening mound of noodles piled high with daikon radish, green onions, and lovingly drizzled with their signature soy sauce.



Look at this beautiful bowl of udon! And with a single serving clocking in at a generous 500g, I knew I wouldn’t be walking away hungry!
Without wasting any time, I slurped down a few of those plump-looking noodles as quickly as I could.


And let me tell you, they were delicious!
As I chewed the noodles, I began to detect a faint hint of wheat… How pleasant!
After finishing the bowl I knew my stomach was reaching its limits, but…


I was determined from the moment I set foot into the restaurant that I would have two bowls for lunch, so I’d placed an order for “kitsune udon” well in advance.
Take a look at that beautiful dashi stock.


That stock, tinged with the flavor of bonito… It was my favorite, the delicious stock of Osaka!
I couldn’t help contentedly sighing as I slurped it down.



Even bathed in that piping hot broth, the noodles never got soggy; not even once I reached the bottom of the bowl. Bravo!
I didn’t think my already-full belly could take much more after that first bowl of kijouyu udon, but the kitsune udon was so delicious I couldn’t help finishing it off. (^^



Eating here also grants you a second privilege on top of the excellent food: An all-you-can-eat helping of crunchy tempura crumbles! (You know, the leftover crunchies you get after deep-frying?) And wouldn’t you know it, they were delicious, too!
They even keep that marvelous crunchy texture when you mix them with hot dashi stock!
I recommend sprinkling them onto your udon a little bit a time so you really get to enjoy that crunchy texture with every bite. (^^


I took this picture at a slower time of the day, but when I went in, people were lined out the door and the inside was packed to capacity!


store Kamatake Udon
tel 06-6645-1330
address Senda Building 1F, 4-20, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 226m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours 11:00~16:00 (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Mondays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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