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“Salon du Kuma3” in Kitashinchi

“Salon du Kuma3” in Kitashinchi

A luxury lunch of "Nikumabushi" meat on rice, in the gorgeous private rooms of a hideaway in Kitashinchi!

Today for lunch I went to the upmarket meat multi-course restaurant in Kitashinchi, “Salon du Kuma3”. The restaurant is on the fifth floor of the building, and when you get out of the elevator, you’re greeted by this solid door.
When you press the intercom button on the right and state the name of your reservation…


…the doors open automatically, and this space opens out right in front of you!
It’s… a kitchen counter!
When you go into the restaurant there’s a kitchen counter, and the chefs are preparing food there!
I’ve never seen a restaurant like this before.
As for where the customers sit, surrounding the counter and the kitchen behind, there are seven large and small individual rooms!







All of them are secret rooms, and the spaces are totally gorgeous!


The lunch I enjoyed in this sumptuous space was the Monday to Saturday “Kuma-Otoshi” course! It’s limited to 30 orders a day, at a price of ¥2,980 for men and ¥2,480 for women.
First up is the “Hokkaido Gold Rush Cold Potage!”


There are lots of pieces of corn in it!


Wooow, delicious!!
The sweetness of the corn in this smooth soup is not half-hearted, and the taste brims with a feeling of luxury!


Draft beer.


Well it was a special treat, so I had a beer…


“The Kuma-Otoshi” main course!
When you take off the lid…


…there’s the “Nikumabushi,” with the rare meat packed in together and spread out!
This is the “Hitsumabushi” soy broiled eel version, and the first helping is eaten just like this, the second is eaten after you add condiments, and the third is eaten after pouring hot dashi (fish stock) over it!


Preparing the first bowl.
There’s lots of beef and preserve (made of soy sauce, sugar and ginger) sandwiched in the spaces between the rice!


Wooow, delicious!!
The rare meat is soft, the sweetness is rich, and the flavoring of the preserve is exquisite and extremely tasty!


With condiments.


Wooow, delicious!!
The taste is a little bit sharp, and it’s great!


The piping hot dashi comes in a bear shaped jug.


When you pour on lots of dashi and take a sip…


Wooow, delicious!!
The high quality flavour of the dashi is fantastic, and you become completely absorbed in eating it.


There was still a little bit of rice left, so the plain rice has become like a dashi version of chazuke (rice steeped in tea)!


Wooow, delicious!!
This has a delicious, simple, and hearty taste!



The salad and vinegared mozuku seaweed were good too.


The dessert is “Muscat Jelly and Yubari Melon Sherbet!”


Wooow, delicious!!
The high quality taste is so good!


Finally, I leisurely received the herb tea. The service level of the staff is also very high, the atmosphere was outstanding, and it was an extremely satisfying lunch!


It’s on the fifth floor of the building, but on the board there’s just a picture of a bear…
I really liked the sense of being in a hideaway!
Lunch and dinner both require a reservation, so when you go, make sure to reserve a table first.


store Salon du Kuma3
tel 06-6341-0093
address Nakanisi-Dojima Building 5F, 1-3-16, Dojimahama, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 262m from Kitashinchi Station , 278m from Ōebashi Station
opening hours 11:30〜15:00 , 18:00~24:00 (By appointment only)
holiday No fixed holidays
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