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Just a minute’s walk from Tenmanbashi station! “OH!MYBEEF! TenmanBashi”

Just a minute’s walk from Tenmanbashi station! “OH!MYBEEF! TenmanBashi”

Here you can eat perfectly aged beef that is “Tender, Flavorful, and has a Unique Aged Aroma” for a moderate price.

Just a minute’s walk from Tenmanbashi station! Opened on September 9th, 2014.

The first floor is the counter area and a seating section. The second floor has seating that can hold 20 ~50 people, it is also available to rent for private occasions. This area is recommended for customers who are dining alone, in a group, or for parties.

In America, the home of the steak, first-rate steak houses and restaurants of the like, age their meat through a drying process that creates steaks that are very popular.
Due to the high costs and skills needed when dry-aging beef, even though aged beef has become more popular in Japan, it is still not widely known.
“OH!MYBEEF! TenmanBashi” with our moderate prices there is no doubt that we can satisfy meat lovers.

With our complete obsession over aged beef, we only use the best aged beef made under the careful supervision of our master chefs.
Within the kitchen, we recreated the same (Temperature Humidity and Air Flow) in order to complete the best hot box for our aged beef. Here you can eat perfectly aged beef that is “Tender, Flavorful, and has a Unique Aged Aroma” for a moderate price.

Aged T-Bone Steak. 1g 8 yen
Now T-Bone Steaks (768g) are now 6144 yen!
These T-Bone steaks have been aged, with the bone attached, allowing for a richer flavor to permeate the meat. Here it is!〜♪ The height of flavor of aged meat.


Aged Beef Shoulder Roast Chuck Steak. 1lb (450g) 2980 yen
Shoulder Roast is a long roast that comes from a a small part near the shoulder that runs down the back of the cow. This cut, with it’s beautiful marbling and soft red meat, looks amazing. With its rich taste there is no doubt you will be hooked.


Aged Beef Chateaubriand (Tenderloin) Steak. 300g 3980 yen
Chateaubriand steak is a fillet cut taken from the most tender part of the tenderloin. It’s a cut of meat that has beautiful marbling.

OH!MYBEEF! Steak. 300g 2280Yen
We recommend that you eat this steak with just some salt, but homemade steak sauce or Ponzu is also OK. And to draw out even more flavor from the steak, using a bit of wasabi leaves you with a refreshing flavor and a slight feeling of sweetness.

Aged Minced Beef Bowl 980Yen. It’s a great price!
You have to try it or you’ll surely regret it. This aged minced beef is with out a doubt a hit!
With an amazing amount of Eggs, Onions, and Seaweed mixed in. All of this quality for 980Yen, it will knock your socks off. (*^^)v




store OH!MYBEEF! TenmanBashi
tel 06-7660-9595
address 1-21, Temabashikyomachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 181m from Temmabashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 18:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday
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